Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55 in 2016

List of top 10 hottest Ageless Celebrity Over 55 in 2016: Celebs are always conscious about how they look, because if they are not hot in front of the camera then their value in the show business will decline rapidly. Some Hollywood hottest never thinks about their age and appearance. They are as beautiful as they were in the age of 20. Here is a list of some of the hottest and sexiest ladies of Hollywood in 2016.

beautiful ageless celebrity 2016

Inner charm and beauty made the Ageless Celebrity hotties even after 55 in 2016

Maintaining such beautiful and attractive personality in this age is a challenge. These Hollywood hottest ladies look far younger than their age.

Let’s check out List of top 10 ageless celebrity above the age of 55 in 2016.

1. Meryl Streep- Streep is among the hottest celebs of America. She was born in 1949 and was a famous model of her time. This beautiful lady was not only a super model but also a good actress. Meryl is among the most seductive actresses of Hollywood.

2. Bette Midler- Bette is among gorgeous ladies of Hollywood. She is an actress, singer, producer, songwriter of America. She was born in December, 1945. At this age of 69 she looks charming and can take the spotlight from many other superstars of Hollywood. The acting skills of this Grammy award winner are still unmatchable.

3. Susan Sarandon- Susan was born in the year of 1946. She is counted among the hottest Hollywood actresses of all time. Susan won BAFTA Award and won Academy Award for her role in the film named ‘Dead Man Walking’. She dominated Hollywood for a very long time.

4. Michelle Pfeiffer- If you see her recent picture you will not believe that she has crossed the age of 55. This stunning beauty has dominated the hearts of men all over the world. She has a great acting skill which is reflected ever time whenever she appeared on the screen. Her movie ‘Scarface’ is still loved by the people.

5. Diane Keaton- Diane contributed in various sectors of filmmaking like acting, screenwriting, direction, producing, etc. This dedication brought her many awards and fame. She is still beautiful at the age of 68. Her career was started in 1970. Still, whenever she comes to any events, she looks stunning like ever.

6. Cher- Cher is among those women on whom the effect of aging cannot be seen. This famous actress cum singer is still gorgeous in this age. She was very hot in her 20s. By her appealing voice and hotness, she won many awards as well. Till now the beauty of this lady did not decrease a bit.

7. Sophia Loren- Sophia has the most beautiful eyes in the world. When she was just 20, her eyes were most beautiful in entire Italy. She was famous for her beauty when she was just 15 years old. Her beauty brought her many successes in her life. Still she is remembered for her eye catchy looks.

8. Jane Fonder- Jane is among the most beautiful women in this world. It does not matter for her if she has crossed the age of 55. By her looks, she can give complex to any hot lady. Her beauty can be seen in the book named ‘Women coming of age’.

9. Sharon Stone- Sharon is one of the sexiest stars of Hollywood. Till now you can see that aging did not affect her at all. She was the queen of dreams in her time. Stone won various awards like Golden Globe Award, Academy Award and several more. Her performance in ‘Casino’ and ‘Basic Instinct’ was fabulous.

10. Grace Kelly- Grace is one of the hottest stars of Hollywood. Her fans still remember her for a seductive look. She is the renowned actress of America. She has won many awards for her excellent acting skills, and the critics also loved her performances.

These beauties of 2016 are all time favorite of any men in this world. You will be amazed if you see their picture when they are younger. Though they are quite old right now but the effect of age is barely seen.