Top 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles in 2016 : Elegant hairstyle of celebrities made them the diva of the entertainment world

Top 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles in 2016 : Celebrities are highly recognized individuals worldwide. They are mostly popular for their talent along with attractive looks. Along with good looks, their distinctive and stylish hairstyles can attract the attention of many, and they are loved very much by their fans. Styling the hair is an art and the celebrities are masters in this field. Some of their hairstyles are so popular that influence many people across globe and they want to follow the same hairstyle to look like the celebrity Diva.

Top 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles in 2016, top 10 list

The celebrity hairstyles in 2016 are considered as signature style of their identity

The fresh hairstyles of the celebrities can give them a high amount of appreciation and make them highly admirable and respected in the overall glamour industry.

The Top 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles in the year 2016 are shown as under:

1. Rosie Huntington-Whitley’s Wavy Hairstyles- Rosy was always able to look blonde and gorgeous with her perfect hair. Her wavy hairstyle can deliver a unique look to her. Her hairstyle matches up with any of the casual and formal dresses that she wears.

2. Emma Stone’s Bob Haircut- The new look of Emma Stone in 2016 is set to attract much attentions. Her Bob haircut this year gave her a very distinguished image, which made her even more stylish and beautiful as well.

3. The One sided swept hairstyle of Claire Danes- She has been able to deliver a very classy look to her hair this year by keeping it on one side. It proved to provide a very formal look which highly represents a distinctive office look.

4. Jennifer Aniston’s Hairstyle of Long and Medium length- She is someone who knows how to experiment with hair to give it a fresh new look. She got medium hair by chopping down some long hair which got her a new look. She even parted her hair in the center that looked proportionate with her face.

5. The Wavy Hairstyle of Julia Roberts- She has blonde hair which is bound to give a natural look. In the Emmy Primetime 2016, she was able to look stunning in her luxurious dress and wavy hairstyle in the particular event. She even looked much younger than her original age.

6. The Wavy Updo hairstyle of Hayden Panettiere- The special Up-do hairstyle of this pretty woman looked wonderful which was blown up with the help of a headband. It looked nice on her. These types of pretty hairstyles can make any woman look wonderful.

7. The half shaved hairstyle of Demi Lovato- All the non-traditional hairstylists can very well follow Demi Lovato, who does not shy away to being almost bold and thus creating a hairstyle of her own. She changes her hair color every time and also used to dip dye it. She is an inspiration for all those girls who want to have funky hairstyles.

8. The sleek hairstyle of Jennifer Lopez- She was able to win the MTV VMA in the year 2016 and became the queen of the show. She was able to get the title because of her highly attractive gown along with her extremely beautiful straight hair. All of this made her look very young and extremely gorgeous.

9. The Rainbow Hairstyle of Kesha- The VMA of MTV was able to grab the maximum attention of the audience because of her crazy hair color that looked like a rainbow. Her Rainbow hairstyle looked very beautiful, and her sparkling dress made her look so adorable.

10. The Pixie Hairstyle of Miley Cyrus- She was also a part of a prestigious award function in MTV in the year 2014. She had portrayed a cute and crazy look with the help of her Pixie Haircut, which is being widely followed by many girls and is trending in 2016.

Knowing about the different hairstyles, which is tried by different celebrities in 2016, is lot of fun. Their glamour and beauty seem to entice many, and their attractive hairstyles add on to their glamour. If you want to look like celebrity then you can select any of the above styles matching your personality for an excellent look.