Top 10 Celebrity Deaths in 2015 : Celebrities which the world lost in the recent time created great vacuum for the fans

Top 10 Celebrity Deaths in 2015 : Celebrities are born to provide entertainment to the public. They are regarded as the heartthrob of millions. For years and years they provide endless entertainment for all. They live a life of honor and pride. But like they say… What comes into the world must go. Likewise, it is heartbreaking when they leave us for their heavenly abode. But it is a fact and should be accepted as death is inevitable.

Top 10 Celebrity Deaths in 2015

Presenting the list of top 10 celebrity Deaths in 2015 whom we lost in recent period:

The Celebrity Deaths brings down senses of deep sadness in the minds because of the fact that celebrities bring down smiles on people’s faces. We are quite sure about the fact that after the expiry of the leading celebrities’ great vacuum is created in the respective industry from which they belonged. Having another celebrity who can take the space is hard to get. To remember those celebrities whom we lost in very recent time.

Here are the top 10 list of celebrity deaths in the year 2015 is presented below:

1. Jimmy Greenspoon- He was a great Keyboardist who died due to cancer in the month of March this year itself. His death certainly brought down tears in many eyes, including his family members, friends and his fans.

2. Dallas Taylor- The Nash and Stills former Crosby drummer passed away on January 18 at the age of 66. He was considered to be an excellent drummer of his band and he played drums on numerous hit albums.

3. Harris Wittels- The 30 year old co-executive producer of Parks and Recreation was found deceased on February 19 this year. It has been suspected that due to a drug overdose he had passed away.

4. Lesley Gore- The singer who was best known for her song “It’s My Party” said goodbye to the world for the last time on February 18. At the age of 68, she passed away and left her yesteryears behind.

5. Louis Jourdan- The actor belonging from France died at the age of 93 on February 14, 2015. He had the lead role in many films and has won many awards for his excellence in acting. He was regarded as one of the most talented stars of his age.

6. Gary Owens- The announcer of Martin and Rowan Laugh In was declared dead on February 12 at the age of 80. He had the highest amount of accomplishments as a voice-over artist in many cartoons, including Garfield and Space Ghost among others. He lived a life full of honor and pride.

7. David Carr- The columnist of The New York Times passed away on February 12 at the age of 58. He was also a full time journalist. He was considered to be an astonishing individual with leadership qualities. Perhaps, fate had only 58 years in store for him.

8. Bob Simon- The correspondent of 60 minutes died of a horrific accident in a car crash on February 11. He was 73 years old and has been working with the CBS News for many years. He held the position of Chief Middle Eastern correspondent in that particular company.

9. Joe Franklin- Greatest radio and TV personality died on January 24 at the age of 88 years. He started his full time career in the 1950s and was the host in The Joe Franklin Show. With the help of his astonishing personality traits, he had been able to pioneer himself as a great TV star.

10. Earnie Banks- The two time Chicago Cubs MVP slugger died on Jan 24 at the age of 83. He was able to spend his entire career of 19 years with the Cubs. He was considered to be a very talented baseball star.

Knowing about all these great personalities brings happiness in the minds of oneself. However, it saddens oneself to know that these people are no more alive, but will always be the stars in their own rights. Being a true fan of the above listed celebrities whom we lost in 2015, we promise to remember them and their work for long.