Top 10 Advantages And Disadvantages of Being a Celebrity : A glimpse on the various disadvantages in the life of a celebrity personality

Top 10 Disadvantages of Being a Celebrity: Celebrities are considered to be the heartthrobs of the millions. They are meant to provide all round entertainment for their fans. However, their lives are not considered to be very easy. They too have to face numerous hurdles in order to survive. There are certain disadvantageous factors for being a celebrity. The life of a celebrity is one of the toughest one and they need to struggle a lot to become a celebrity and also to stay away from the disadvantages which are associated with a celebrity life. In case you are planning to step into this world then it is important at your end to know firstly about the disadvantages of celebrity life.

Top 10 Disadvantages of Being a Celebrity

The list of disadvantages of being a celebrity

It is not easy to become a successful actor. Hundreds of difficulties and even threats are being faced by them in order to reach the spots that they are today.

The list of Top 10 Disadvantages of Being a Celebrity are shown as under:

1. Crazy Fans at various places meant for the public- Sometimes the stars also want to have a common life, but this is by no means possible anytime. Whenever they go out, they have to face enormous dash of crazy fans who wants their pictures and autographs.

2. Face Judgments and Predictions- The celebrities always suffer and face numerous judgments and predictions. They do not enjoy any personal life and cannot have the pleasure to become common humans. For example, Bollywood Diva Aishwarya Rai had been condemned extremely due to the fats in her body that came out after her post-pregnancy.

3. Challenges and Rivalries- Actors and actresses, even the producers and directors always remain in a tough and cutthroat environment. They are prone to face the jealousy and competition and had to deliver better outcomes than their rivals. For example, if a director’s movie succeeds then another director will try to surpass that record.

4. Criminal Threats- A celebrity along with his entire family stay under severe threat from the criminals. They want high safety in life and hire numerous bodyguards for them all the time. This is because they remain worried about their loved ones and their lives and also fear about their wealth loss by a criminal.

5. Live lives full of Prevention- Celebrities are known to live a pretentious life. They have to act a lot in order to hide their personal lives and their affairs. For this reason, they are always being targeted by the media.

6. Adult cartoon pictures on Internet- Many a times celebrities are portrayed negatively with the help of adult cartoons. This proves to be very insulting to them. They are also seen in irritating postures and faces on the internet.

7. Media Attacks- Attacks from the media seem to bother the celebrities the most. Various media reporters always keep eyes on the activities of the celebrities. Their activities are supervised with outmost attention at all levels, and the media publishes their secrets in newspapers and internet within no time.

8. Late Marriages- Marriage is the moral duty and right of every human being. But it is not possible for celebrities to do marriage at the right time. They keep working for at least 40 years or even more and then finally decide to marry. This result in late family planning as well, which may trigger adverse effects.

9. Criticism from other Counterparts/Celebrities- A celebrity always suffers from severe criticism of other celebrities. This usually takes place due to jealousy and other professional reasons. For instance, if an actress receives a high amount of fame as compared to others, then all sorts of criticizing gets started.

10. Political Reputation- It is always required for a celebrity to possess a superior political repute. Their involvement in politics can totally destroy their image within no time. Therefore, it is wise for them to stay out of Politics.

Knowing about the lives of the celebrities can reveal many untold facts. It is a fact that celebrities cannot live a normal life like average people. Advantages and disadvantages are part of life and celebrities need to maintain a balance for a stable life.