Top 10 Female Stars Who Used to Be Hot and Beautiful in 2016 : OLD is GOLD- Proved by the Female Stars Who Used to Be Hot and Sexy

Top 10 Female Stars Who Used to Be Hot and Beautiful in 2016 : When it comes to Beautiful and hotness, female stars can raise the bars to a higher degree. It has been a time when there have been many female divas who had high standards in Hollywood. But till date their accomplishments are still there in the minds of many. We made an attempt to know these sizzling stars closely who used to be the heart throbs for many and still own a special place in their hearts for the hot and Beautiful look in earlier times.

Top 10 Female Stars Who Used to Be Hot and Beautiful in 2016

Check out the amazing list of female stars in 2016 Who Used to Be Hot and Beautiful

Celebrities from the past era were astonishing beauties who were loved by millions. Their charm was best appreciated by many. However, it is a fact that beauty is not able to last forever. With the passage of time, all the charm and attractiveness gets diminished.

The list of the top 10 Female Stars in 2016 who used to be hot and Beautiful are shown as under-

1. Madonna- Madonna, who is considered to be the great pop star of her time was and still is in the hearts of many. This beautiful bombshell was greatly appreciated by millions of fans in the whole world. But due to numerous plastic surgeries, Madonna lost her attraction and beauty. Her charm and beauty are no more as compared to her youth.

2. Tara Reid- Tara Reid was able to receive fame to a greater degree for acting in numerous reality shows. This Californian beauty does not possess the same looks that she had. All of these occurred due to her bad habit of drug abuse. Her sudden weight loss also is responsible for her diminished looks.

3. Meg Ryan- Meg was considered to be the queen of beauty in the 90s. This American darling acted in numerous of movies like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle among others. Unfortunately, she does not possess the same beauty body, and her face got wilted.

4. Kelly Lebrock- She was considered charming and gorgeous of her age but now her beauty got diminished because she gained unnecessary weight which is over 240 pounds. For this particular reason, she is no more gorgeous like before.

5. Lindsay Lohan- She was the teen queen in the 2000s. She was incredibly fantastic and hot in the younger days. Her looks took a negative turn when she became an alcohol and drug addict. For these reasons, she lost the shine in her skin as well.

6. Lil Kim- She is one of the hottest stars who had a hot body and possessed a very charming personality as well. She was the heartthrob for many. But her beauty did not last as she did many plastic surgeries which failed and ruined her looks.

7. Heidi Montag- She was a gorgeous woman who was able to win the hearts of millions. She was considered to be the symbol of personality, lifestyle, and beauty. In her case, the numerous surgeries are considered to be the vital reason for which she lost her beauty and attractiveness.

8. Janice Dickinson- She was one Beautiful , gorgeous and well-known models of all time. She used to display on different ad campaigns and magazine covers in various parts of the world. Unfortunately, plastic surgery proved to be very negative for her as her lips got inflated and appeared to be like old tires.

9. Jenna Jameson- She was one of the most popular beauty divas in the early 2000s. She has been a star with a cute personality and a flawless face. After she had retired, she didn’t provide much care for her. She lost the charm in the face, as a result.

10. Kirstie Alley- She was considered to be as one of the best stars of 80s. But due to certain reasons Kirstie Alley became overweight and crossed 200 pounds. Thus, her attractiveness perished away.

These are the Top 10 Female Stars Who Used to Be Hot and Beautiful in 2016. Thus, learning about all these Divas provided the knowledge that beauty is not permanent. Whole lot of care is needed to be provided for oneself in order to nurture the beauty. We cannot also ignore the fact that if you want you can still own the heart of many because of great work done.