Top 10 Hollywood Male Stars who used to be Hot

Hotness defined by veteran Hollywood actors still makes them stand apart from the youngsters – Male stars who used to be hot : Hollywood, the largest entertainment industry of the world is known for extraordinary hotness factor and great beauty of its actor. It is known to all, that people from different parts of the world work hard to look like their favorite actor of Hollywood. These actors are known for leaving a great impact on the minds of large number of people because of their coolness factor and great visual appeal. They are not only a heartthrob among their female fans but are also known for extreme looks and wonderful appearance among their male fans.

List of actors who used to be hot at a time

The factor of manly hotness is always in news among the actors of Hollywood. Male stars are known for their extreme hotness, charm and extreme visual appeal which add as the most important factor for their popularity among their fans. These are super sexy men who were also known for their sheer talent and experience along with their great hotness and sexiness factor.

All Time Top 10 Male Stars who used to be Hot

Below is the list of top 10 men of Hollywood male stars who used to be hot.

1. Mel Gibson – He is among the hottest male entertainers ever. He is also known for his excellent charm and great personality. His amazing roles and great directorial credits is what have brought great success for him. His great attractive quotient is his wonderful individuality and excellent looks. He is one of the leading hottest Male stars

2. Charlie Sheen – This artist was hot and sexy for two decades and still has the power to captivate the attention of women. He has excellent looks and great charm and also possesses extreme personality. He with his wonderful playboy attitude has made his fans go down on their knees. This 48 year old artist can still make youngsters run for their bread and butter. This male star is a man of substance.

3. Mickey Rourke – Known for his wonderful and iconic roles in several leading Hollywood films, this actor has great hot quotient. He was a heart-throb in the 80s and have also acclaimed great name in the field. His facial modifications have always brought great gossip related with him.

4. Jeff Bridges – He is the son of Lloyd Bridges and is known for great and sexy appeal. His attractive quotient and wonderful sexy actor brings great attention of his fans. He has also grabbed excellent attention from different corners of the world.

5. William Shatner – This aging star has made him wonderfully in demand in the 60s and has thus won millions of hearts through his wonderful looks and great personality. He has been a part of many TV shows and wonderful commercials which has made him the hottest star of the era. He has successfully grabbed a great position among the Top 10 Male Stars who used to be Hot.

6. Burt Reynolds – He was the superstar during the 70s and has grabbed the title of sexiest male centerfold photo in the history of human. This dynamic and vibrant actor has been a part of several classical films which has brought him huge accolades for acting skills and great appearance. A deserving name of all time in list of hot male stars

7. Sean Connery – This actor reflects that the “Old is Gold” saying is exact. The entertainment industry is being ruled by this actor since 1960s had an undying hotness attached with him which made him rule hearts of many girls and women of that period.

8. Harrison Ford – This Star Wars saga actor ruled the entertainment industry during the 1980s and 1990s. He was one of the hottest of all individuals and actors of his time and is still holds a great position which makes the youngsters jealous of his appearance, look and excellent personality. At the age of 71 the hotness has cooled but he definitely deserves a leading position among the Top 10 Male Stars who used to be Hot.

9. Nick Nolte – This 1960s star rose to stardom during the 1980s and 90s with efficient and excellent roles in many movies and began to be considered as one of the sexiest male star of Hollywood.

10. Stephen Colbert – He has been known for owning the hearts of his fans and has ruled the million of hearts as a young man. He is known for his great affection and wonderful charm.

These stars of the older generation has established what is now defined as “hot” factors when they were young and cool and managed to rule the hearts of many. These male stars will always have a special place in the heart of millions of people across globe.