Top 10 Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses in 2016 : Meeting the sizzling ladies of model and film world of china

Top 10 Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses in 2016 : The models in China are widely known and appreciated all over the world for their beauty and elegance on the ramp. At the same time the Chinese actresses are equally famous worldwide for their skilled performance on the screen and eye catchy beauty. You will love to know the fact that Chinese models are high in demand all across globe and also the Chinese actresses are known worldwide for their great skill of acting. We along with our experts prepared a list which will provide the names of hot and beautiful celebrity ladies from china in 2016.

Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses in 2016

A glance at the Chinese Models and Actresses in 2016 who are hot and sexy

The influence of these celebrities is stronger in some people than it is for the others. All of these depend on the fact as to how strong you are. Hence, if you have a strong idea as to what they do and also as to what they stand for, they might not be influenced when compared to one who hasn’t.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Hottest Actresses and Chinese Models in 2016 –

1. Bella Chen: She is amongst the attractive Chinese actress. She has been in the entertainment field for a long time. She is an attractive singer. She has also won many different awards for her fruitful music albums. She has a wonderful figure.

2. Bianca Bai: It was in 1982 that she was born in China. She began her career in the field of acting. She has travelled to England and America for doing some fashion shows. She was amongst the show stopper in most of these shows. Her hot personality and youthful face make her recognized all over the world.

3. Cica Zhou Wei Tong: She is known as the prettiest models in China, besides being famed as a TV host and actress.

4. Du Juan: She is known as Chinese Jennifer Du and is an amazing fashion model, DJ as well as an actress of China. She rose to international fame due to her super-hot appearance and awesome acting skills. She has appeared on the cover page of the Vogue China for more than ten times.

5. Emma Pei: The next name on the list of hottest Chinese celebrities is that of Emma Pei, who was born in 1986, and she has also been acclaimed as a leading international model. Her bold figure and pretty face have earned her a place in many of the big international events such as that of the Christian Dior Haute Couture Show 2008 and the Paris Fashion week of 2007.

6. Fan Bingbing: She is a beautiful as well as a hot lady of China.

7. Gaile Lok: She is a dazzling beauty from Hong Kong, Gaile Lok, who began her career as a magazine cover girl. She later on migrated to acting.

8. Gong Xinliang: She is a beautiful as well as a hot Chinese model and is an excellent actress. She is also popular for her amazing and talented skills. She works hard, and it makes sense for us to know as to why she has many fans across the globe.

9. Lynn Hung: she is considered to be an elegant beauty of China. Lynn is perfect of her beauty and has many fans on social media networks. She is also popular for her top quality acting skills. She has to her credit many fashion shows in China and America. She has also won many awards for her acting.

10. Zhang Yuqi: Her nickname is Zhang Yuqi and is also known as Kitty Zhang. She is energetic, talented and also young. She has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. Zhang has also done various movies.

These celebrities are those people who reflect what is happening in the society at an emotional level; then they are two sides of the same coin. The only difference is that many of these celebrities are on a stage, and the majority of people are in the audience. In coming time we will keep updating this list of Top 10 Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses in 2016 to keep our readers updated about the latest change in the list.