Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2016

Hottest Female News Anchors of 2016- adds appeal to the boring stories! : News is a communication of selected information which is followed so that it can make people aware of many such unknown facts and values which is highly needed in the present eras. Female news anchors have come up in this extrovert deed to let know people about the daily news as well as make them aware of the unknown facts happening all around every one.

The present era Top 10 Hottest Female news anchors with commendable skill:

Now-a-day female news anchors are no more average looking nor bland even. There are women news anchors who have actually proved that they are made for this field. The hottest female news anchors not only give out information, but also enrich people around with their brain and beauty. These female news anchors actually appear on television and add some appeal to the ever boring reports and so nobody will feel like changing the channel.

Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors List in 2016

The list of the following hottest female news anchors is given to prove that even the females can add taste to the news world with their brain and beauty too.

1. Melissa Theuriau : When it comes to hot female news anchors, Melissa Theuriau rightfully tops the list. It was due to her that the male news watchers noticed female news anchors for the news that they delivered. Perhaps it was her style, blonde dirty hair, glossy lips and the teasing display of the skin that made her a sensational icon.

2. Ghida Fakhry : Ghida Fakhry is the Lebanese broadcast journalist. She is not only physically attractive but she also highly knowledgeable about global geopolitics and can speak three other languages apart from English. Apart from being hot, the intellectual style gave her a sophistication look which made her stand aloof from other hot female news anchors.

3. Bianna Golodryga : It is common that Bianna Golodryga’s male news watchers often get lost in her serpentine eyes rather than paying attention to what she is saying. Bianna Golodryga formerly worked for CNBC, but is now anchors for Good Morning America on ABC. There really is something exotic about those seductive eyes. She is really hot and sexy besides being talented.

4. Georgie Thompson : Georgie Thompson is the blonde haired English beauty with creamy, smooth skin, who has a smile that could brighten up any man’s imaginations. Not only is she hot, even her male audience also tunes in to watch her due to the fact that she covers sports. Her stylish suits and sweet British accent are the highlighted whenever she appears on Sky Sports News.

5. Kiran Chetry . Kiran Chetry is co-anchors American Morning on CNN, an absolutely cute leggy Nepalese dame, and those who need a morning fix, tune in to FOX news to watch her. Based on the Sanskrit meaning of her name, Kiran Chetry really is a “ray of light” for all those men who wake up to see her early in the morning. She is a leading name in the list of hottest female news anchors of this period.

6. Robin Meade : Robin Meade presents the show of Morning Express with Robin Meade CNN Headline News every day. Early morning news from the beautiful Robin Meade happens to have great legs and is also worth waking up.

7. Alisyn Camerota : She is the television news journalist and presenter whom mob recognizes for her long legs. While working for FOX News, she has played many different roles, including co-hosting Fox & Friends Weekend. Apart from the fact, her male audience cannot help but feel dragged towards her red outfits.

8. Betty Nguyen : Besides CNN Saturday Morning and Sunday Morning, Betty Nguyen is also the anchor on CNN Newsroom’s weekend edition. Her flawless features cannot be missed. Not only is she beautiful but also holds a perfect smile. Moreover CNN broadcast style is so laidback that she seems fun-loving.

9. Katie Derham : Although Katie Derham had started her journalism career as a researcher on BBC Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live. Over years, Katie Derham became the face of ITV. Anyone who has seen her on ITV must surely have noticed her legs, which are always visible.

10. Laurence Ferrari : Laurence Ferrari is the stunning blonde French news anchor; joined Direct8.She even appeared to be flirting with the president in an interview she had conducted. She deserves to be listed as one of the successful and hot female news anchor.

These news anchors are among the most noticeable hottest female anchors of this year and they are the reason why male viewers mostly see the morning news. The world of news got a new look with presence of these stunning news anchors.