Top 10 Hottest Female Sportscasters in 2016

Female sportscasters ruling the field because of their appearance and skills: Journalism is a platform which was since ages has been dominated by males. The boys and men are known for covering every event or occasion. This profession was thought to be the right of the male individuals and there was almost no say of females leave apart their presence in the field. But with the advent of new era and modern time, things and society have changed throughout the world. Now females can be seen in every field giving a tough competition for their male counterparts. And journalism is not untouched by them.

List of hottest Female sportscasters 2016 who mesmerize the viewers with their talent and looks

Journalism especially the field of sports till some years ago was preferably a field only by the males. But the girls have proved to be very challenging in this field. They have shown their talent and their love for sports by becoming great and loveable sportscasters who are loved by all individuals throughout the world. They have great body and wonderful talent of casting sports news in a unique and different way. These females are adorned with great body and excellent figure that makes them hottest of all.

Top 10 Hottest Female Sportscasters List in 2016

Below is the list of 10 best female hottest sportscasters of the world.

1. Erin Andrews – She is one of the most successful and talented sportscaster of America. Erin Andrews is a well known journalist and writer and has excellent looks that has helped her bag the leading spot among the Top 10 Hottest Female Sportscasters in 2016.

2. Kristina Akra – She is a famous reporter and an Emmy Award winner. This beauty is a reporter with the MLB Network and is a wonderful sportscaster. She has raised the graph of her success because of her hard work and dedication. She is among the Hottest Female Sportscasters in 2016.

3. Diana Dougherty – Known for her adorable and incredible looks, Diana is a leading media person. She is a member of Galaxy Radio and is also a sportscaster of Sky Sports. She is very popular for her wonderful looks and excellent talent of reporting.

4. Samantha Ponder – Her smile can make anyone go down on their knees. She is one of the hottest anchors and sportscaster of ESPN. She has done a number of shows and is known for her unique style of talking and keeping the audiences engaged. She deserves to be among the Hottest Female Sportscasters in 2016.

5. Melissa Stark – This is a Beauty of NFL Network in USA. She is talented, she is beautiful and she has that perfect look to make an actress run for her bread and butter. She was an anchor in 2008 Beijing Olympics. She is among the most loved and Hottest Female Sportscasters in 2016.

6. Michelle Beadle – She was the female hottest sportscaster of 2015 and has again bagged the position in 2016 because of her capability and extreme talent and beauty.

7. Jenny Dell – Jenny is one of the most famous and adorable beauties of the decade. She is super cool and flaunts a wonderful personality with which she makes her viewers go crazy for her. She is a reporter of NESN and is also among the Hottest Female Sportscasters in 2016. Her alleged relationship with Red Sox player Will Middlebrooks has made recognizable throughout the world.

8. Sara Carbonero – This sportscaster is bold, beautiful and intelligent. She is a hot television presenter and journalist and is also regarded as one of the Hottest female of Spain. She has also won the crown of The Hottest Reporter of the World for her boldness and looks.

9. April Rose – This beauty belongs to Canada and is known for her writings in different newspapers about the issues related with her country. She is a hot and wonderful sportscaster who is loved throughout the world. She definitely deserves to be among the Hottest Female Sportscasters in 2016. She is popular because of her own talents.

10. Jenn Sterger – This beautiful lady is a hot television anchor and has made great name for her in the field of sportscasters in the world. She is known for her wonderful personality and extremely beautiful and amazing looks.

These female sportscasters have left behind their male counterparts with their hot looks and smart skills and talents. They have significantly made an amazing name in the male dominated world of sports. These sportscaster created a niche position in the heart of millions of people across globe because of their exclusive talent.