Top 10 Hottest Female Superheroes of All Time : The leading actresses in the role of Female Superheroes who entertained the audiences well

Top 10 Hottest Female Superheroes of All Time: When it comes to saving the world, superheroes seem to hold the upper hand for saving the day. They seem to hold the ball for saving the public from the villains. However, there also have been female superheroes that have been seen to fight criminals in order to protect the people. It’s very common to see actors in the role of a superhero and their characters in this role reach the audiences faster than any other role played by them. The task of playing a female superhero is even tougher as the audiences need more time to accept a woman in the form of a super hero. We made an attempt to find, who are those popular plus hot Female Superheroes of All Time.

Top 10 Hottest Female Superheroes of All Time

The actresses who impresses the audiences being in the role of a superhero

There have been many female actors who have played the roles of different female superheroes very well. They have been able to match the eye to eye with even their male counterparts. At times, they have also been able to deliver strong blows whenever required.

The list of Top 10 Hottest Female Superheroes of All Time is as follows:

1. Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman- She is a very beautiful singer and actress belonging to America. She had been Miss World USA in the year 1972. She skillfully played as Wonder Woman in two TV series from the year starting from 1975-1979.

2. Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl- She is an excellent American based producer and actress. She was seen in Batman and Robin to play the role of Batgirl. It was a pretty hard job for her however with high amount of dedication she was able to play Batgirl’s role in a distinctive manner.

3. Halle Berry as Catwoman- She played Catwoman, which was a role in Detective Comics. In order to play this particular role, she adopted a cat’s look. For that same role, she was respected with the Golden Raspberry Award in the year 2005.

4. Jennifer Garner as Elektra- She is a very hot and beautiful American female who posses extreme talent. She has worked in numerous numbers of movies. She had skillfully played Elektra’s role in the year 2005 in Marvel Comics. Her acting was great and admirable. Her acting resembled a strong female warrior.

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy- She portrayed a role similar to a beauty queen when she played Buffy’s role. She provided inspiration to many women with the help of her role. Buffy was the Vampire Slayer, who eradicates vampires and demons. Her role begged her both The Saturn Award and the Teen Choice Award.

6. Rebecca Romjin as Mystique- She is not only a fantastic fashion model but an extraordinary actress as well. She mysteriously played the role of Mystique in the various series of X-Men films. Another grand role that she played was of Alexis Meade on Ugly Betty, which was a TV series.

7. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman- She has been critically appreciated for playing Catwoman. She emerged as a dominant lady in the movie called The Dark Knight Rises and depicted her character as a true gentlewoman.

8. Helen Slater as Supergirl- She was an able receives high degree of fame due to her magnificent role, where she played Supergirl. She had also been portraying the character superman’s cousin along with Supergirl, which is a premium DC Comics character. She was able to look spectacular with her roles.

9. Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow- She was regarded to be as one of the  hottest female divas of Hollywood. This contemporary beauty took the character of the superhero in the movie Iron Man 2.

10. Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman- She skillfully portrayed the role of Invisible Women in the famous movie Fantastic Four. She looked awesomely spectacular in her role. For her role, she was able to receive a high amount of appreciation and critical acclaim.

Thus, knowing about superheroes is lot of fun especially when it comes to showcasing and learning about the female power. It is a fact that females can also play the roles of superheroes quite perfectly.