Top 10 Hottest Italian Women Celebs in 2016 : The Italian beauties ruling the heart of million fans across globe

Top 10 Hottest Italian Women Celebs in 2016- Celebrities always look fabulous. They may be seen on television or films and also strutting down the red carpet at the time of movie premiers and awards. These models and celebrities never cease to fascinate us with their larger than life presence.

It has been rightly said that it takes a lot of efforts to look the way they do. Being the public figures that they are, they cannot afford to be slack with regards to taking care of their physical appearances. Their livelihood is wholly dependent on the way they look. Other than their clothes, the makeup, and the hair, celebrities have to take good care of their figure. In short we can say that these celebrities need to work really hard to maintain them and to present them in front of the audience in an impressive as well as attractive way to rule the heart of the fans across globe. We and our experts researched well to present the list of all those ladies from Italy who are hot and beautiful.

Top 10 Hottest Italian Women Celebs in 2016

Knowing the talented and hottest Italian women celebs – The top 10

To us, it comes as no surprise that these celebrities have their secrets with regards to being gorgeous looking and also in staying fit. Their health agenda consists of extreme workouts to well-planned meals. All of us are desirous of knowing their secrets in staying fit and shapely?

Here is a list of the top 10 Hottest Italian Women Celebs in 2016-

1. Alessia Ventura: She became popular due to the role in one of the highly watched soap operas of Italy: Centovetrine. She still looks very young and is also certainly amongst the hottest television presenters and actresses of Italy.

2. Christina Chiabotto: She is a young, sexy, model and showgirl and is at present a TV presenter for Juventus Channel. In 2004, she gracefully won the crown for Miss Italia.

3. Elisabetta Canalis: Elisabetta Canalis are George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend and is a highly admired Italian celebrity. She is very popular all because of her relationship with George even in America. She has recently gotten married to Brian Perri, this summer.

4. Francesca Chillemi: She was crowned Miss Italia, and she also rose in her career as an actress; She has therefore managed to find lots of successes. Asides from this, she is very elegant as well as pretty. Take a look at her classic look which is similar to Audrey Hepburn.

5. Manuela Arcuri: This actress is more famous for her curves than for her artistic performance and that too because she looks like a model.

6. Maria Grazia Cucinotta: For a while, she found fame in Hollywood too, because of the A Brooklyn State of Mind which was made in 1997 and a movie which was labeled as an erotic movie. She was good-looking and very sexy. These days she is conserving her beauty, but she doesn’t flaunt her beauty.

7. Nanci Brilli: She is famous amongst the Italian fans because of her outgoing personality. In fact, she is only beautiful but also smart and fun. Women also love her

8. Ornella Muti: She has been acclaimed across the globe, and she is still young and fascinating. Her intelligence and elegance persist in the memories of many of her Italian fans.

9. Sabrina Ferilli: She is an actress who exhibits the classic Mediterranean woman who is also tall. It is due to her excellent fresh face and her body that she is not at all looking for her age. However, she is still attractive and sexy.

10. Sophia Loren: She is a symbol of Italian cinema. Despite being in the 70s, this stunning lady is still attractive and active.

These are the 10 Hottest Italian Women Celebs in 2016 who have worked hard to maintain their personality by their looks and skills of acting. They have become popular because of their acting skills in all parts of the globe. All of us must try and gain motivation from these ever popular celebrities and especially if we wish to take up acting or modeling as a career.