Top 10 Hottest Women in Pop Music in 2016 : Hot look and awesome voice made the top 10 Women in Pop Music popular worldwide

Top 10 Hottest Women in Pop Music in 2016: Pop music is considered to be one of the fastest growing music genres which attract the interests of many individuals in various age brackets. When it comes to the Hottest women in the pop music category, then it can be said that the there are numerous Hottest women who have raised the music standards to a much higher degree. The leading ladies of this music industry and specifically of pop genre managed to create a real impact on the mind of the audiences not only with their look but also with the golden voice they are gifted by god. Making a place in the top 10 list was not an easy journey for them.

Top 10 Hottest Women in Pop Music 2016

A look on the Hottest women in POP Music in 2016 who mesmerized the audience with LOOK+VOICE

The Hottest divas of pop music are entertaining their millions of fans worldwide. These women possess all the qualities such as hotness and beauty to be a successful music artist of this era. . Such women are highly admired for their skills and beauty by their fans.

The list of Top 10 Hottest Women in Pop Music in 2016 is presented below

1. Britney Spears- She is considered to be exceptionally gorgeous and hot divas. Her fans mostly love her due to her beauty and talent. Every show that she performs is bound to become a hit as she possesses quality singing skills along with her appealing personality.

2. Shakira- She is a Latin music Diva, who possess multitalented characteristics. She is a songwriter, Pop-Rock singer and had also worked as a fashion model in her earlier years. She was born in Colombia but had to move to USA in order to start her specialized musical career.

3. Katharine McPhee- She was originally born in California. She is one of the few singers who have been able to gain a lot of popularity through her singing talents. She appeared in a reality singing TV show called American Idol and became the runner-up in that show. From that time onwards, Katharine started her singing career and was able to become a hot pop star.

4. Kyle Minouge- When people look at the photos of Kylie, they easily realize the reason for which she is on the list of Hottest pop music women She is considered to be exceptionally hot and looks grand in her hot outfits.

5. Rihanna- She is a very gorgeous and unique as her name suggests. She is beautiful, artistic and, of course, hot. She is considered to be as one of the most renowned pop artists and is also known to perform very well in many shows held worldwide.

6. Christina Aguilera- She is an extremely booming songwriter and pop singer. She was born in the city of numerous opportunities and beauty–New York. She gave a kick start to her singing profession at a very tender age. With the passage of time, she became a very well-known name in the music industry.

7. Avril Lavigne- Avril is a beautiful diva belonging from Canada. She is one of the most magnificent pop-punk artists. She is audacious, hot —that is something which is required very much to enchant the interest of her fans worldwide.

8. Nicole Scherzinger- She is a Hawaiian pop star. She is not only a verse songwriter but also an accomplished singer as well. Nicole performs amazing on different stages, and numerous of her tracks were tremendously appreciated worldwide.

9. Madonna- Madonna’s name does not require any introduction. She is one of the most astonishing pop singers who have put steps in the music industry. When it comes to assembling the list of hottest women in pop music, the name of Madonna cannot be forgotten.

10. Beyoncé Knowles- She is a Texas-born woman who has been one of the finest performing pop singers in her era. She is known to sing very well. She is extremely hot and has the killing s$x appeal as well.

These are the Hottest Women in Pop Music in 2016. Learning about all these women is quite interesting especially when it comes to knowing about their talents. Their looks and beauty truly demand appreciation.