Top 10 Hottest Women in the World in 2016 : Meeting the hot and sensational women who became the center of attraction for the entertainment world

Top 10 Hottest Women in the World in 2016: Women who are hot are greatly respected and admired. They can attract the outmost attention of the people and are largely considered as symbol of beauty and hotness. Hot ladies will always have a big space in the heart of each and every male fan. The personality of a woman plays a king size role in making her hot and attractive in front of the mass. We researched a lot to find those ladies, who are not only hot and sexy but are also equally talented in their respective field.

Top 10 Hottest Women in the World in 2016

Checking out who are the Hottest Women in 2016 who are popular in the industry of entertainment

Sensational and hot women can catch lots of eyes and attract one’s attention. Some of the women can very well do so with the help of their charm and hot looks.

The list of Top 10 Hottest Women in the World in 2016 is showed as under:

1. Jennifer Lopez- This American singer is regarded to be as one of the most talented and versatile actresses who had been able to achieve all round success. She is an accomplished fashion designer, singer, author and a song writer who has made a mark in the entire Hollywood Industry.

2. Sarah Hendrickson- Born in 1994, this American hot star is a highly athletic woman, who and an accomplished sports woman as well. She has been highly appreciated for her astonishing beauty and cute looks as well.

3. Anna Fenninger- She is a highly admirable woman who has achieved high amount of athletic excellence in her career. This extremely talented sports woman has been able to win numerous sports titles and became the Ambassador for Europe for a sports association in Namibia. She also received a gold medal.

4. Olga Kurylenko- She is a amazing Ukrainian beauty. She is best recognized as a flourishing hot model and a TV presenter. With the help of her numerous television programs, she was able to catch the interest of numerous audiences worldwide. She is also being known as product ambassador for numerous cosmetic products and beauty brands.

5. Sofia Vergara- Sofia Vergara is an astonishing beauty who had been seen to perform many distinctive roles in the Hollywood. This noticeable lady had been a part of numerous movies and was also being seen to model for a variety of exclusive fashion brands.

6. Elizabeth Banks- She is an established lady, who is till now very charming and attractive. She is considered to be a highly stunning actress and an excellent fashion model. She was also seen in a variety of Hollywood movies and was able to create a distinguished image in front of her fans.

7. Jordana Brewster- This Panama born hot diva is recognized as one of the most charming beauties. She has acted in famous Hollywood flicks like Fast and Furious and due to her acting, she caught the interest of numerous fans. Due to her remarkable and blemishing looks, she is well appreciated and respected.

8. Alana Blanchard- She is a stunning female who posses all the traits that are required to develop into a fine-looking lady. Alana is an exclusive fashion model who can display hotness to a large extent. She has been able to win numerous awards from both nationalized and worldwide glamour and beauty competitions.

9. Nicole Scherzinger- She is a very fashionable actress and recording artist born in America. She is also a highly talented TV presenter possessing highly inspiring and hot persona. Her appealing look has enabled her to grab the concentration of her fans to a very large extent.

10. Shakira- She is a Latin music Diva who posses outstanding personality. She is a songwriter, Pop-Rock singer and had also worked as a glamor model in her earlier years. She was born in Colombia but had to move to USA in order to start her specialized musical career.

Studying about all these hottest women of 2016 is a lot of fun especially because they possess distinguished characteristics, In addition, they serve high amount of entertainment to their fans as well.