Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Female Politicians in the World in 2016 : Political women of the world who created impact on the world economy with their beauty and brain

Top 10 most beautiful and hottest female politicians in the world in 2016 : Politicians are people who lead the country and work towards doing betterment for the society and the country at large. Women politicians are very common in many countries playing an important role and managed to prove their efficiency in the role of a political leader. Many of these politicians have become popular due to their beauty. Here we try to jot down the list of beautiful and hottest female politicians of the world in 2016.

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Female Politicians in the World

Presenting the list of Hottest Female Politicians in the World in 2016 who are true combination of beauty with brain

Politicians today have changed a lot as compared to the earlier days as politicians now are dressed in their best especially the women wearing attractive dresses and carrying exclusively designed handbags.

Below we are listing the top ten most beautiful and hottest female politicians of the world in 2016.

1. Hina Rabbani Khar: Pakistani Hina Rabbani Khar is the youngest and first women foreign minister leading the country. She has been very popular all over the world for her attractive looks. She is said to be the most attractive politicians wearing beautiful dresses accompanied with the latest handbags. She is also very popular in the media world.

2. Rania Al Abdullah: Rania is the queen of Jordan, who is the wife of King Abdullah 2. She has been a great inspiration in the development of the nation taking care for areas like education, home and many more things for the nation. The queen of Jordan looks beautiful wearing the most expensive dresses.

3. Sarah Palin: Sarah Palin is the former candidate for US vice president. She is also a commentator, author and 9th governor of Alaska for the period from 2006 to 2009. Sarah Palin during the US presidential campaign had created a lot of controversy for her high-end clothing, but that did not keep her from the election.

4. Sonia Gandhi: Originally from Italy Sonia Gandhi is one of the most successful politicians. She is the chief of the Indian Congress party helping the party take the right decisions for shaping the destiny of the country. She has a very fine and decent fashion sense. Her saris are very traditional which make her look very feminine and smart.

5. Kashmala Tariq: Ksahmala Tariq is Pakistani lawmaker having great popularity in the nation and also abroad. She is also a lawyer and member of the Pakistan Muslim League. She is well known for her dressing and outspoken nature. Kashmala have been in the controversies raising questions about her dressing sense, but she remains strong and continued her political career with absolute smartness.

6. Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton is the former secretary of states and is very popular for her impeccable style and energetic nature. She has been very popular as a politician serving the country real good causes. She was also the first lady when her husband Bill Clinton was the president of the United States.

7. Priyanka Gandhi Vadera: Priyanka Gandhi is the granddaughter of Feroze Gandhi and Indira Gandhi and belongs to the Nehru-Gandhi family. She has been very popular in the Indian politics for her impeccable simple and yet confident style.

8. Rathika Sitsabaiesan: She is the first Canadian Tamil MP and a standard bearer for young women in a male dominated politics. She had been in the controversy for a picture which had commented her cleavage too hot to handle.

9. Setrida Geagea: Setrida is a Lebanese politician who is very popular for her beauty and also is a media favourite in the nation. Her political interest grew while she was in the Lebanese American University which led her to meet the leader whom she later married.

10. Julia Bonk: Bonk is a left party politician in the country of Germany. She is one of the youngest politicians becoming the member of the German parliament at the age of 18. She is a great example of beauty and brains helping to lead the country to progress.

These are Top 10 most beautiful and hottest female politicians in the world in 2016. All these politicians have given the country great benefit showing the right direction to success. Politicians today are a major media presence which also makes them very valuable all over the world. These hottest Female politicians are example of beauty and brains working together for progress.