Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Tech Women in 2016 : Hot and Beautiful ladies turning inspirational in the world of technology

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Tech Women 2016: We are surrounded by technical gadgets and in this present condition we cannot move an inch without those. There are several people who are working hard to give us the gift of updated modern technology. There are some hot women how are very famous for not only their beauty but also for their contribution in the technical field.

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest tech Women

list of top 10 beautiful and Hottest tech women in the world in 2016

Top 10 hottest tech woman in the world- These women are not only good looking but they also have a good sense of business. They could teach anyone how to handle the business in the technical field.

Presenting the list of those awesome ladies who are talented, beautiful and hot techy people:

1. Morgan Webb- This beautiful babe has an excellent knowledge of enterprises and the risks which are related to it. Due to her lovely appearance, she has posed for FHM magazine. Her writing hobby is unleashed in the gaming column of many magazines.

2. Amanda MacKay- This hot girl is not only famous for his beauty. She has all the quality to be a role model for any tech-loving girl. She has a real experience of hosting TV shows, and she is among the top rated tech journalists in the world.

3. Jade Raymond- Jade is the girl who has a combination of beauty and the brain. She graduated from McGill University and after completing that she started to work with Sony. She is an excellent video game maker. She contributed well while making the game named Assassins Creed. Jade also volunteers for the organization called LOVE.

4. Amber MacArthur- Amber has the quality of a producer, host, and podcaster. The girl is very good looking and smart enough to attract the spotlight. She is the producer and host of a show named commandN. She is also the co-host of net@night.

5. Gina Bianchini- Gina is the founder member of the site named Ning. Ning allows a user to create his or her personal social network to fulfil their own interests. She had an excellent reputation as a financial analyst when she was working For Goldman Sachs. Bianchini has one of the best business minds in the technical field.

6. Veronica Belmont- She is among the ultimate geeks in town. Veronica has the best mind to understand the tech business, and by the help of that she has reached this level of achievement. She is the host of Qore, which is a video on demand programme.

7. Natali Del Conte- With a cute face and a lovely smile the hotty has written her name in the history of the tech market. Not by her looks she is very famous as a host of CNET’s newscast called Loaded.

8. Susan Wu- Susan is the CEO of world’s one of the most popular online gaming website called She has the guts to take risks in the business, and that thing makes her apart from others. She is also an excellent startup advisor, and she has worked with several famous startups. This cute one has got the looks needed and also got the brain to dominate others in the same field.

9. Amanda Congdon- Amanda is a renown host and producer of ABC. Her writing skills can be presented in any artistic and technical environment. This white beauty dominates the screen with her sweetness. She can claim herself as a winner in the Department of beauty and business.

10. Jessica Chobot- Everybody has to work hard for a successful life if you can find a shorter way then you are talented; these words go with Jessica. She has got fame and popularity in very little time. Now she is hosting the, which is known as the heaven for the online gamers.

So you can see that these women are not only successful business women in their life but also a role model for any people. These geeks not only have a good brain but also have a pretty face to mesmerize you. These Hottest Tech Women of 2016 turned inspirational for many women of this era.