The Beautiful Bollywood Actors :- Heartthrobs of Bollywood gains extreme popularity in fashion world

Who are the most beautiful actors of Bollywood till 2016 :- Beauty and Movies has great connection with each other. Films from all parts of the world have helped the most beautiful persons to emerge as the important and well known face in the world. Bollywood one of the leading entertainment industries of the world is also known for doing the same. It is a world of fashion and fame. It helps youngsters to become popular in India and outside the country as well and to earn great money from their excellent physical features as well as from their talents and skills which helps them keep going in the industry.

List of hottest and beautiful actors of Bollywood who rules the industry

Becoming a Bollywood actor is a dream of almost everyone but not all gets lucky enough to be so. It requires huge attention, dedication as well as extremely beautiful looks to be a superstar. There are great number of stars in this industry who are known for their excellent performance and wonderful skills. There are also super stars known for their good looks and great sense of fashion.

salman shahrukh aamir khan most beautiful bollywood actors 2016

Below is the Celebrity list of the Beautiful Bollywood actors till the year 2016 who are ruling the industry with their looks and style sense.

1. Salman Khan– Being a mature and versatile actor of India, Salman Khan tops the list of hottest and beautiful Bollywood actors in 2016. He is widely known and is loved by all for his appearance and excellent personality which is charming. This super hot actor is always in news for his marriage but no one knows his wedding plans.

2. Akshay Kumar– Known as the Khiladi of Bollywood, this actor is known for his action and wonderful stunts. He is known for performing all his stunts by himself and going a level high to ensure perfection in his act. His charming and effective personality allows him to fit in any kind of role whether it is comedy, action or romance. He never follows fashion but still is among the Top 10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Actors in 2016.

3. Farhan Akhtar- Having a mesmerized voice and excellent body cut, this actor is widely known for his high level and power packed performances. He is an author, director, producer as well as an actor. His versatility can be experienced both on and off screen.

4. Arjun Rampal- With an excellent height, perfect body shape and wonderful looks, Arjun Rampal surely deserves to be praised. He leaves a wonderful impact in the hearts of his fans, male and female both with whatever role he plays.

5. Ranbir Kapoor- This heartthrob of Bollywood has become the leading and most popular actor among the young generations. He is the new and cool son of the Kappor Khandan of Indian film industry. He has inherited his acting skills from his parents and grandparents and has a look which can make any girl go down on her knees.

6. John Abraham- John is not only a good actor but even a wonderful fashion model with amazing looks and excellent figure. He is the brand ambassador of different products which excellently caters to the men. There is a huge list of fans for this beautiful bollywood actors.

7. Shahid Kapoor- Having an admirable beauty and a chocolate boy image this young and cool actor of the Indian Film Industry is always loved by his fans because of his extremely cool personality and exceptional looks and figure.

8. Aamir Khan- Being in the industry for more than a decade, this matured actor is known for becoming extremely young with every passing day. He is having wonderful looks and is also known for being perfectionist in his field. He likes to do things is a perfect and very exclusive way. His hot and dashing personality makes him deserve a great place among the Top 10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Actors in 2016.

9. Shah Rukh Khan- Shah Rukh is an amazingly hot and extremely super cool in his look and personality. In reality he works really hard to maintain the shape of his body and to get an attractive figure which makes him rule billions of hearts throughout the world.

10. Hritik Roshan- With his debut film Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, this young actor gathered great level of fame and popularity. Although he is not doing many movies but he is still very popular among his fans because of his six pack muscles and extremely wonderful looks. It is hard to find a good dancing actor like him in Bollywood.

These young, sensational, talented and influential actors makes great fashion statement and are also known for their extreme figure and looks which men die to obtain and women love to see. They are maintaining their popularity in the heart of their fans since long. we will making this list of most beautiful Bollywood Actors till 2016 regularly so don’t forget to check back later.