Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Lips in Hollywood in 2016

Wonderful lips define the personality of the Hollywood beauties – The hottest lips of Hollywood : Beauty is something that cannot be defined in words or explained through gestures. It is a visible feature which attracts any person. There are well known and amazing beauties of the world known for their extremely wonderful physical features and great talent. Hollywood a leading entertainment industry is known for bringing some of these beauties in the surface and for helping them to come in the spotlight. It is true that each and every actress of Hollywood tries to look at their best highlighting the most amazing feature of their body.

List of Hollywood beauties with amazing beautiful and Hot lips

Lips are one of the most prominent features that one can see. It raises the hotness factor of the actresses and also makes them extremely desirable. There are great numbers of actresses who work very hard to make this feature look perfect and excellent. It is also very important for helping the actresses raise their graph of success efficiently. These divas look perfectly amazing and adorable with their great lips.

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Lips in Hollywood in 2016

Here is the list of Hollywood beauties with amazing and hottest lips.

1. Drew Barrymore – She is known for owning the best seducing and sexy lips. She has highly ranked in the list of extremely beautiful lips. With the gorgeous lips she manages to grab the attention of her fans and increases her personality and beauty. She is a true beauty with talent.

2. Scarlett Johansson – Scarlett is one of the best Hollywood actresses who are known for her beauty and talent. She has got amazingly beautiful hot lips that leave behind wonderful and seducing smile that makes her more innocent and wonderful.

3. Lucy Hale – Maintaining and flaunting wonderful lips properly in the most adorable way is not a cup of tea for all. But Lucy hale knows how to do it. This talented girl has extremely energetic look and wonderfully hot lips that makes her fans go crazy for her. She deserves to be among the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Lips in Hollywood in 2016.

4. Megan Fox – God has created this beauty with extreme care making her look like an angel and giving her exclusive physical features. This actress tops the list of entertainment industry of Hollywood. She is hot, sexy and has eye grabbing beauty with which she makes her fans go crazy for her and also gains their attention.

5. Monica Bellucci – Nothing can beat this young and vivacious lady from making her way to the girl with great and amazing lips. The lips of this extremely beautiful and talented girl are very beautiful and the way she decorates them with dark colors gives her amazing look. In one line – She is a stunning beauty.

6. Amanda Seyfried – The lips of this girl are stunning. She rocks any event or function by decorating the wonderful shape of her lips through dark and extreme colors. This enhances her beauty and it also makes her fans attracted towards her.

7. Angelina Jolie – The wonderful actress of Hollywood has made great name for her extreme beauty and talent. She has wonderful look and great and hot lips that adds to her superb and highly attractive figure and excellent beauty. Her lips are excellently in shape and they are luscious as well as seducing. It is because of this feature that has made her among the Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Lips in Hollywood in 2016.

8. Selena Gomez – This actress is definitely known for her stunning lips. She is elegant and beautiful from peak to foot. Her looks are really lovable because of her sexy and amazing lips which are perfectly shaped and wonderfully maintained by her.

9. Liv Tyler – When we talk about elegant and hot lips we cannot leave behind Liv Tyler. The wonderful shape of her lips adores her face and is the major highlight of her beauty. She also uses her lips interestingly through effective colors of lipsticks.

10. Kristin Davis – This Hollywood actress has one of the most charismatic and wonderful smile that makes her a diva and drives her fans crazy. The wonderful combination of her excellent figure and smart sense of fashion is adorned by her smile and lips.

The hot lips of the Hollywood actresses make her look even more appealing. They have great factor of excellent figure and wonderful personality that are enhanced to a more high level through their amazing and beautiful lips.