Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities in 2016 : The tattoos which made some Hollywood celebrities popular – A look

List of top 10 most beautiful tattooed Hollywood celebrities in 2016 : Tattoos or body art has become the fashion of these days. Our Hollywood celebs are well aware of this. That is why they have become crazy for tattoos. We along with our experts prepared a list of beautiful Hollywood celebs that are popular for a great tattoo on their body.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2016

The tattooed Hollywood celebrities in 2016 who are popular and beautiful

Celebs of Hollywood are crazy about tattoos, and they are the fashion icons of this generation. The list contains those top ten names of celebrities, who have one of the best tattoos in the industry.

List of top 10 Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities in 2016 –

1. Dwayne Johnson- Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a very popular name in the WWE industry. His horoscope sign is Taurus may be that is why he has a tattoo of a bull on his right bicep. This 41-year old superstar is also a very special person in the Hollywood industry. The tattoo is in Polynesian style, which is a symbol of a pure Samoan.

2. Christina Ricci- This Hollywood star is a fan of tattoos. She is among those famous ones in the industry who has tattoos on their body. She has a tattoo of a lion and bat. Perhaps Christina is planning for another one.

3. Alyssa Milano- The little girl from the famous TV show who’s The Boss has grown into a very beautiful woman. Now she is 40 years old and done various kinds of tattoos on her body. She flaunts her tattoos in different manners in different places.

4. Kat Von D- Kat is a great tattoo lover. She has tattoos from her head to toe. She is one of the famous faces of the TV. Her skills in tattooing are very famous in the entire America. Her father’s portrait is on her palm. A Jesse James tattoo can be seen on her body may be that is done before their break up.

5. Megan Fox- She is the symbol of beauty. Her body contains many mysterious kinds of tattoos. Mostly phrases and picture tattoos can be seen, which meant a lot for her. The combination of her beauty and the fabulous tattoo’s make her presentation more awesome.

6. David Beckham- He is one of the most famous sportsmen in the world. His free kicks are still remembered, but now he has another passion rather than football. Beckham has tattooed his sons names, Brooklyn and Romeo. He has done a tattoo on his wife’s name in Hindi. Seven was his jersey number when he was playing for Manchester United. He kept it forever in a different manner.

7. Britney Spears- This famous and highly controversial singer has different kinds of tattoos on her feet, back, neck and other body parts. Each of them has a different meaning. The tattoo of stars is very special for her. All of them are different from each other.

8. Jessica Alba- Jessica is a 26-year old hotty with some awesome tattoos on her body. She is famous for her acting skills in the industry. She has a tattoo of a ladybird on her shoulder, a bow on the lower back part and some other tattoos on her different body parts.

9. Angelina Jolie- Angelina is a tattoo lover and we all know that. You can see more than 20 tattoos on her body, and every one of them is very classy. The most loved tattoo of her is the tiger tattoo, which is done on her back. Those tattoos reflect the wildness of her, and she is the only one in Hollywood who can carry them in this manner.

10.Nicole Richi- Nicole is very famous in Hollywood, not just for her beauty but for her tattoos too. She has approximately nine tattoos on her body. Ballerina slippers, rosary can be seen on her ankle, on her shoulder blades there is a set of angel wings, “Virgin” can be seen on her waist and a tiara which everyone took as a spider is on her hip.

These tattoo freaks in 2016 are setting a style statement for everyone around. The tattoos of them are gorgeous and then they are carrying it well. They are always ready to flaunt them in the public.