Top 10 Most Famous Dance Choreographers of All Time : Knowing the choreographers who gave the art of dance a new meaning

List of top 10 world famous dance choreographers of all time- Dance is a great art form which needs real skill to shine as a dancer. Some of the dancers can speak their heart out with their moves. The world is full of good dancers, but here we are going to talk about the best in the business. We prepared a list of world famous dancer who gave the world a new language to express the feeling by turning to a choreographer. People know them across globe because of their excellent skill and talent of dance.

Top 10 Most Famous Dance Choreographers of All Time till 2016

Dance choreographers who gave the world of dance a new dimension of creativity

List of most famous dance choreographers of all time- These dancers are well established, and some of them are famous worldwide for to their dancing. They have served as a choreographer and entertained the world with their moves.

Here are some of the greatest dance choreographers-

1. Martha Graham: She is one of the greatest ones in the dance industry. Martha Graham dance institute is one of the oldest one in the industry. Martha was born in 1894 and since then she dedicated her life to dance. She is counted among the best dancers and choreographers of her time and now.

2. Paul Taylor:  Paul is an American choreographer. He was born in 1930. AT the age above 70 he is still dominating the Hollywood industry. He has worked with many actors and actresses. Till now the energy level of this man is fabulous.

3. Bob Fosse: Bob is a superb quality jazz dancer. He was born in 1927, and after he had completed his studies he began to teach dance in his institute. He had an innovative mind which he used in his dancing and return the Hollywood industry got various new dance moves. He is also counted among the well-paid choreographers.

4. Katherine Dunham: Katherine was born in 1909, and she is, was and will be counted among one of the greatest dancers in the world. She was called ‘Matriarch of black dance’. She dedicated her life to dance and in return she got the prize. She is one of the greatest that America could ever have.

5. Agnes de Mille: Agnes was a great one from Hollywood she started her as a dancer, and soon she became a great choreographer. You can see her contribution in the 20th century dancing. She was mainly famous for her ballet dancing.

6. Farah Khan: Farah is a very popular face of Bollywood. She started her career as a choreographer, but now she is a director, producer in the industry. She is a very good dancer and a teacher. She is now paid well as a choreographer in the industry.

7. George Balanchine: George was a great choreographer of his time. He was born in 1904 and since then he found his excellence in dancing. He was a great contemporary dancer of his time. His dedication can be seen in the ballet dance too.

8. Shane Sparks: This guy was born in 1974 and counted among the greatest hip hop dancers of the era. He is famous for his performance in the dance reality show named “America’s best dance crew” and “So you think you can dance”.

9. Saroj Khan: Saroj Khan is the most experienced female choreographer in the Bollywood industry. She was born in 1948 and devoted her life to dance. She taught her dance moves to the famous dancer Madhuri Dixit. Till now she has worked in more than 200 movies in Bollywood, and the count is still on.

10. Alvin Ailey: His dancing was full of entertainment. He is the one and only Alvin Ailey. This African-American dancer served Hollywood with his cool moves for many years. People say that he is a great Contemporary dancer of his time.

These dancers are not only famous for their moves; they are also very popular for their dedication, passion and innovative ideas. Dance is the medium through which you can express your anger, frustration, and each and every feeling. Let’s hope in the future we are going to have something more from them.