Top 10 Most Famous Rappers of All Time: highly entertaining and has made great name in the music industry

Rappers are highly entertaining and has made great name in the music industry: Rappers are the individuals who are known for their extreme looks and wonderful attitude that they flaunt. These individuals are capable of flaunting a wonderful and amazing personality and they sing song in an interesting way which is quite different from the normal music that we listen in our everyday life. They have a unique sense of rhyme and music with which they create a tune of their own.

List of amazing and famous rappers who ruled the world and popular even today

Rappers throughout the world are very popular because of their unique personalities and excellent ideas and techniques of rhythm. These are the people who are known for twisting the normal tunes and melodies for producing something unique and totally different from the traditional ones.

Top 10 Most Famous Rappers List of All Time till 2016

Here is the list of most famous rappers of the world in 2016

1. Joseph Simmons – He was a part of Run DMC and is the originator of Classic NYC. This wonderfully talented person became a shining star of the music industry because of his rapping ability. He is also seen as a rap idol by many youngsters. He is among the leader of Top 10 Most Famous Rappers of All Time.

2. Dr. Dre – He is one of the Hottest and good looking rapper of all time. Male rappers throughout the world are gaining excellent prominence throughout the 90s and this rapper is one of the best known celebrities of his era. Although his star power has faded over the years, he is still considered as one of the Most Famous Rappers of All Time.

3. Notorious B.I.G – He is considered as one of the best male rappers of all time. He has brought a new sense of dignity throughout the world in the field of male rapping. There is no one who can address or who can contend this excellent and wonderful rapper who is popular throughout the world. He is one of the leading rappers of the world who is still ruling the heart of millions of people across globe.

4. LL Cool J – LL Cool J paved the way for male rappers in the glamour world. He is known for his excellent ideas and wonderful looks and verses on tracks. He gave his fans wonderful opportunity to experience plenty of sweet dreams through his wonderful lyrics and raps. He is also among the most popular Rappers of All Time who is popular all over the world.

5. 2Pac – He was a total package with perfect balance of elegant and cinematic looks and perfect rhymes. The rapper became famous at a very young age and since then he has been loved and appreciated by his fans throughout the globe because of his impressive lyrics and raps.

6. Eminem – This wonderful rapper has got the look of boy next door looks. He is a superstar material in all types and has got the best and exceptional excellent talent of rapping. He is a well-known rapper all over the world and is also loved by many rap lovers.. This excellent celebrity is known as one of the Most Famous Rappers of All Time.

7. Nas – Illmatic is one of the best albums of this rapper of the world. He is an excellent male rapper who is also known for his wonderful skills and talents. It will be hard for any rap lover to miss his raps.

8. Macklemore – This hot rapper appears on the scene in the modern era and is also known for his attractiveness and excellent body. He has a smart and elegant body with great rapping ability. He is among the Most Famous Rappers of All Time.

9. 50 Cent – Another male rapper who is well- known for his excellent talent is 50 Cent. He is a sizzling and excellent male rapper with wonderful voice and perfect body type to match with the requirements of a stylish rapper. He is a total hot dude with a cool quotient attached with him.

10. Ice Cube – Cube is one of the most amazing and Most Famous Rappers of All Time. He rose to success because of his unusual and incredible rapping ability and ideas and also became wonderfully popular among his fans located in different parts of the world.

Rap songs have become interestingly popular throughout the world in the new generation because of which rappers of all time are now given great value and are looked as someone with immense talent and ability. The above listed rappers made their presence felt to the whole world in a complete magical way.