Top 10 Most Famous Rom-Com Couples With Best Chemistry : Romantic comedy couples who created real place in the heart of millions of fans worldwide

Top 10 Most Famous Rom-Com Couples With Best Chemistry- Celebrities are unknown to each other but still they have to share perfect on-screen chemistry. They have to do all types of roles in the movies or the serials to entertain people all over the world. When you see these celebrities, you will notice that their on-screen chemistry seems to be real. They all worked very hard just to make all romantic moments special. There are many great on screen celebrities whose chemistry are liked by many people. The flavour of romance with a twist of comedy on screen is one of the toughest role plays which artists need to do. There are some selected few who managed to create that charisma on screen with their excellent skill of acting giving the role a touch of real look for the audiences.

Top 10 Most Famous Rom-Com Couples With Best Chemistry

Presenting the list of popular Rom-Com Couples with a special chemistry

Creating on-screen chemistry by all celebrities is really difficult. They make romance with each other which is quite difficult. Their love, kisses and romantic moments make special on-screen chemistry which seems to be original.
But the top 10 famous Rom-Com couples with the best chemistry are-

There are various celebrities names are present in the famous Rom-Com couples with best chemistry list. They all entertain people and create awesome chemistry. They are very famous, and people know all of them by name and their awesome acting.

The top 10 most famous Rom-Com couples with the best chemistry are-

1. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts – Both the celebrities look hot together. The movies of Richard and Julia are Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride. They both look great with each other and have a hit on- screen history.

2. Josheph Gordon Levitt & Zooey Deschanel – Both the celebrities share the on-screen chemistry in 500 days in Summer. People who watch this movie they all fell in love. In this movie Josheph Gordon Levitt & Zooey Deschanel looks adorable.

3. Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher – Both the celebrities share romance and physical relation in such a way that it gives a feeling of being real.

4. John Corbett & Nia Vardalos – Both John Corbett and Nia vardalos looks great with each other and give the real feeling of romance.

5. Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone – They both are off-screen friends and in the movies they give best romantic scenes. Because of their closeness both coupled look great and hot in the romantic scenes.

6. Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton – Both coupled will refresh your mind by their adorable on screen chemistry.

7. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette – One of the most romantic movies is True Romance where both coupled give real looking romantic scenes that fresh your mind. This is the most amazing romantic movie and all time favorite movies of all people.

8. Hugh Grant and Martine Mccutcheon – Both Hugh Grant and Martine Mccutcheon chemistry rock the on screen by giving kissing scenes. Both romantic coupled has given hot scene in the movies. They made people crazy, and their chemistry rock the world.

9. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence – Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most romantic couples in the Hollywood movies. The on-screen chemistry of Bradley and Jennifer create the history together. People like their chemistry and both look great together.

10. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts – Another most famous on-screen chemistry of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts are really awesome. All people wanted to see their on-screen chemistry in the movies. They rock the entertainment world by their acting and romantic scenes. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts make people crazy with their on-screen chemistry.

There is a long list of top most famous Rom- Com celebrity with the best chemistry whose on-screen chemistry is liked by many people. All celebrities are very romantic and entertaining. All the romantic moments given by these celebrities seems like real moments. The romantic on screen chemistry of these couples are very famous in the entertainment world. There are N numbers of fans world-wide who want to see these top 10 Rom-Com couples again and again on screen, Stay tuned for info on these leading couples of silver screen.