Top 10 Most Popular Female Film Directors in the World of 2016: proved their caliber through making wonderful movies

Female film directors have proved their caliber through making wonderful movies in 2016: The film industry was previously dominated by the males. The females were a part of this industry only in the form of actresses. But gradually with the change in time and society the females have established themselves in different fields of the film industry and have also garnered huge appraisal for their work especially as a director.

List of amazingly famous female film directors

The female film directors have great performance in the field and through have became wonderful name in the industry. They are dedicated towards their passion and are also known for providing some of the best and wonderful films with great message and high level of entertainment value attached with it.

Top 10 Most Popular Female Film Directors in the World

Here is the list of 10 best popular female film directors who have established great name for themselves in the world.

1. Claire Denis – She is one of the most celebrated film directors of the world. She is a wonderful lady with great imagination through which she is being able to direct wonderful movies perfectly. She is a well known writer, actress as well as a film director. She has made various French movies which are successful and are highly applauded by her viewers. Thus, she deserves to be on the leading position of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Film Directors in the World.

2. Phyllida Lloyd – She is an iconic film director who is known for her excellent directorial skills through which she entertains her fans and audience throughout the world. She is also a well known actor. She rose to fame through her directorial movie The Iron Lady.

3. Sofia Coppola – She is an amazing popular female film director who is one of the best talents of the industry. She is the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola and is known for her extraordinary skills and talent. She has also written screenplays for different movies. She is one of the leading Female Film Directors whose films are highly admired by audience all across globe.

4. Mira Nair – This Indian lady has to her credit a number of wonderful films which reflects different issues and also mirrors her view towards the society. For her film Salaam Bombay she was also nominated for Academy Award for foreign language movie. This director with her impressive skills rules the hearts of many and also holds a good position in the list of Popular Female Film Directors who are known for quality directions of films.

5. Miranda July – She is an excellent film director who is known for making great movies with ease. She has won various awards for her directorial movies and is also known for working hard on each of the project that she undertakes. She is also an author, screenwriter and actress.

6. Haifaa Al Mansour – This Saudi Arabian director has established great name for herself through her films. She also won the Venice Award for Wadjda. She is a famous and well known director of the era and is one of the best and well- Known Female Film Directors whose films makes a special place in the hearts of millions of people.

7. Kathryn Bigelow – This female director has rose to fame because of her excellent work and wonderful visualization. She has also won Academy Awards for best female director.

8. Deepa Mehta – Water, Fire and Elements Trilogy are some of the best movies of Deepa Mehta. She is a highly acclaimed director who is known for reflecting her views and the reality of the society through her films. Being one of the leading Female Film Directors she has faced a lot of controversies because of her daring nature.

9. Lynn Shelton – She is one of the best film directors of the era with a great experience and wonderful imagination. She has proved her skills and talents in different movies which she has directed and has also worked very hard for each of them.

10. Sarah Polley – This film director started her career as an actress and soon decided to be behind the camera for directing various wonderful films. She has got the dedication and commitment because of which she has been considered as one of the most Popular Female Film Directors in the World.

These female film directors are known for their excellent skills and talents and for wonderful courage to show their views through their movies. They are one of the most recognizable names and faces of the industry. Make sure to watch their movies.