Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in 2016: producing wonderful songs for music lovers throughout the globe

Incredible male singers producing wonderful songs for music lovers throughout the globe: Music and songs is amazingly loved by people sitting in different parts of the world and following different cultures and traditions. Music is something that connects them together. Singers throughout the music industry of the world are immensely popular because of their excellent and wonderful ideas and great vocal which helps them to give wonderful feel to the song which they sing.

List of popular and extraordinary male singers making sensation in the world of music

The male singers are extremely loved by their fans throughout the world because of their knowledge of music and rhythm and for their excellent perfection that is reflected in the songs. There are hundred sand thousand examples of male singers who have struggles very hard to achieve success and to become popular in the world.

Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in 2016

Below is the list of wonderful male singers who are very famous throughout the world in 2016 because of their excellent vocal and wonderful ability.

1. Armando Christian Perez – He is an American singer and rapper and is one of the most loved male singers because of his extraordinary vocal and wonderful singing ability. He was born in 1981 in Florida. His singing career started with the album Planet Pit in 2011 and since then he has been ruling the hearts of his listeners as well as the list of Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in 2016.

2. Chris Brown – He is a stylish singer with a cool personality. His full name is Christopher Maurice Brown. He has extreme dedication and passion towards singing because of which he has been immensely popular among his fans. He debuted in the music industry in 2005 as a singer with a studio album. He is one of the brilliant singers of this generation and well aware of the art of winning the hearts of audiences which his exceptional musical talent.

3. Taio Cruz – Born in 1985, this famous British songwriter, producer, musician and singer is known for rising to fame because of his excellent singing skills and abilities. He is among the Popular Male Singers and has also been nominated for MOBO Awards.

4. Macklemore – This wonderful stage singer has to his credit a large number of chart songs and wonderfully hit albums because of which he has been able to grab the attention of his fans. His real name is Ben Haggerty. You will love every song of this singer for sure.

5. Bruno Mars-The real name of this singer is Peter Gene Hernandez but he is popular as Bruno Mars. At a young age of 28 years this stylish looking singer flaunts a wonderfully cool personality and is also equipped with great singing abilities. He is one of the Popular Male Singers who have excellent voice and knowledge for music. He knows well the art of spreading musical vibes among his audiences in an absolute magical way.

6. Usher- This 36 year old singer is also a well known businessman, writer and dancer. He has won various awards because of his immense talent and singing skills and is also certified as Platinum by RIAA. This wonderful singer is one of the most amazing and Popular Male Singers.

7. Kanye West- This American singer is known for making his listeners connect with his songs through his efficient singing skills. He is also a Hip-hop artist and is a multi-talented individual who has great skills in singing, fashion designing, direction as well as songwriting. He started his career as a singer in 2001. If you love HIP Hop songs then do listen to this singer and feel the beat of Hip hop music.

8. Drake- He is one of the most adorable and Popular Male Singers of the era. He is known for his unique skills and wonderful way of singing. He has given a lot of hit albums and songs for his listeners and has been dominating their minds and hearts since he had started his career.

9. Eminem- He is a wonderful musician and singer whose romantic songs and other songs are loved by people throughout the world. He is one of the most distinctive lyrical rappers around the globe. He has a wonderful personality and has very cool attitude which makes him extremely popular among his listeners. Feel the essence of romance in every song of Eminem

10. Jordan Bratton- This smart and wonderful singer is leading the music industry with his charming and excellent voice and wonderful style. He is among the Popular Male Singers of the world who has made his listeners addicted to his songs.

Male singers with wonderful vocals are always in demand throughout the world. These leading and most popular male singers are known for their unique sense of rhythm and music which is reflected in their songs.