Top 10 Most Powerful Bollywood Star Wives 2016

Excellent star power of beautiful wives of Bollywood’s actors : Bollywood is not only about its films, songs, actors, actresses, cinematography and other aspects attached with the film industry. It is also known for the power of the wives of leading Bollywood actors. The page 3 of Indian newspapers is always full with the eye catching activities of the star couples and their tantrums or actions. They remain in the spotlight throughout the year and it is supposedly said that they love to be there.

Get acquainted with the leading star wives of Bollywood

Bollywood is world’s second largest entertainment industry and the leading actors here do not only own the hearts of Indians but are equally famous and are loved by their fans located throughout the world. The well known Bollywood actors and their wives make the news with their fantastic appearance together. They love to be in the spotlight and enjoy the attention given to them.

Top 10 Most Powerful Bollywood Star Wives 2016

There are some Bollywood couples who just mesmerize their millions of fans worldwide. Here is a list of the most powerful star wives of Bollywood.

1. Gauri Khan – Not surprisingly, the wife of the King of Bollywood rules the list. The lady is beautiful, energetic and talented which has helped her to grab this position. She is a film producer as well as an interior designer. Apart from her profession, Gauri manages to spend most of her time with her children to help them get a good upbringing in her guidance.

2. Twinkle Khanna – Being the wife of the Khiladi of Bollywood and a well known fashion designer, Twinkle Khanna firmly holds the second position in the list. Despite having a not so successful career in Bollywood, this beautiful lady is powerful because of his action hero husband.

3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – She does not need any introduction. Her sparkling beauty and excellent smile is something that the entire world is a big fan of. She is the wife of Abhishek Bachchan. She had an amazing career in the Indian film industry and was also known for her excellent performance in some Hollywood films. Although after the birth of her daughter she is very busy at home but it is sure that all her fans can see her in some Bollywood Films very soon.

4. Kareena Kapoor – Kareena herself is a very successful actress. She has established a name for itself in the film industry. She has a strong hold in the Indian film industry because of her family background and holds immense power. Her power has increased significantly after her marriage with Saif Ali Khan.

5. Malaika Arora Khan – Wife of Arbaz Khan and sister in law of Salman Khan, this heartthrob beauty is a fashion model, dancer as well as a television presenter. She has made a great position for herself and has made her fans keep grooving in some of her excellent dance numbers.

6. Adhuna Akhtar – Being the wife of one of the most incredible actor, Farhan Akhtar, of Bollywood, Adhuna holds great star power. She is known for her exclusive dressing style. Mrs. Farhan Akhtar is also known as a great hairstylist and fashion expert. She has also established a distinctive place for herself in Bollywood after excellent hard work.

7. Seema Khan – She is the daughter- in- law of the famous Khan Pariwar of Bollywood. Wife of Sohail Khan, Seema has always been in news for her string fashion sense. She is an entrepreneur and is running her spa in Mumbai.

8. Tanya Deol – Bobby Deol, a successful name in Bollywood is a proud husband of Tanya Deol. She is the master mind behind the costumes of her husband’s films. She is a fashion designer and has got exclusive skills of developing finest costumes for her husband.

9. Mehr Rampal – She is one woman who needs no introduction. She is very popular because of her bold and beautiful figure and as an ex- super model. Being the wife of dashing and stylish Arjun Rampal, she has managed to be in the Top 10 Most Powerful Bollywood Star Wives. A former Miss India, Mehr, after her marriage left modeling and is now running a production house proudly.

10. Sussane Roshan – It is true that Hritik and Sussane Roshan had divorced but yet she hits the headlines as one of the most powerful star wives of Bollywood. Her dressing sense and her interior designing skills has helped her to grab necessary attention from the shutterbugs.

The star wives of Bollywood always remain in news for their activities. They are extremely beautiful and talented ladies with one of the most amazing looking husbands of the world. In spite of being the wives of popular Bollywood actors the above mentioned ladies managed to create their own niche in various other industries which deserves a round of applause.