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Top 10 Most Successful Female Fitness Models in 2016: Fitness models all over the world have been able to create a distinctive image in relation to the aspects of living a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. In today’s scenario, everyone wants to stay fit, but not everyone can. But there are women who have been able to set up new benchmarks in the world of fitness modeling. However, there are numerous numbers of people who wants to understand the basic principles of living a healthy lifestyle.

Most Successful Female Fitness Models 2016

There is hardly any woman in this world who doesn’t want to look healthy and fit, but what they look for is an example that can motivate them in staying healthy and fit.

The list of top 10 Most Successful Female Fitness Models in 2016 are-

When it comes to top fitness female models who have been able to raise the bar, then the list is certainly quite admirable and they acts as true inspiration for the female folk who want to stay fit like these models. The models whose names are described below are unique women and they are very popular in the world of fitness modeling. They have been regarded as the most successful names when it comes to staying fit and revealing beauty.

1. Alicia Marie- She is a highly talented fitness model and an accomplished author. She is also considered as an international celebrity. She has become so popular that sports and fitness gears such as: Graffiti Xtreme Shorts, Lowrise Mini Shorts and Graffiti Sport Band among others have been introduced and associated with her name.

2. Jennifer Nicole Lee- She is an American fitness expert, celebrity trainer possessing extraordinary talents. She is the largest selling author and an international fitness celebrity. She is also the president of JNL worldwide Inc. and possesses the title of Miami Beach Baby.

3. Jamie Eason- Born on the 10th of April, 1976, she is an American who won the World’s Fitness Model competition. She is a writer and a fitness model in her own right.

4. Ava Cowan- She is a reputed fitness professional, booking agent and an actress cum model hailing from Florida. She is also the vice-president of Business Relations at Divine Nutrition Products and a Thought Leader.

5. Natalia Muntean- She is regarded as one of the most successful fitness models and a spokes model. She is also regarded as an accomplished beauty and nutrition consultant, fitness, nutrition and fashion writer and also a successful entrepreneur.

6. Kim Dolan Leto- This extraordinary woman is a director of Wellness and Family Health for The International Social Security Association (ISSA). Besides, she is also regarded as a fitness expert, Author of F.I.T. (Faith Inspired Transformation), speaker and writer for fitness and a pro athlete.

7. Marzia Prince- She is one of the most accomplished fitness model and extremely sensuous bikini model as well. Apart from this, she is also regarded as a Nutritional Coach, fitness expert, Fashion/Health blogger and winner of numerous fashion and fitness competitions.

8. Mindi Smith- Hailing from Los Angeles, California, this 25 year old extraordinary girl is a professional weight loss expert. She is also regarded as a nutritionist, AdvoCare Advisor and an athlete who has achieved great heights.

9. Kiana Tom- Kiana Tom is a well-known television host, author, fitness expert, businesswoman and actress, but she is mainly known for her strict fitness regime. Apart from this, she is mostly known for her creation and hosting of Kiana’s Flex Appeal on ESPN.

10. Jelena Abbou- Born in April 2, 1977, Jelena Abbou is regarded as a personal trainer, figure competitor and model hailing from the United States of America. The first contest for which she had done training was for NPC Women’s Extravaganza.

Thus, after knowing about all these fitness models, it is well understood that there are people who largely value the aspects and importance of fitness and health to a very large extent. Moreover, the importance of fitness is rising to a much higher extent in the current scenario. This website is dedicated to offer you more and more valuable information along with updated list in 2016 of female fitness models who acts as a life changing examples for the women of this era.