Top 10 Richest Directors in the World in 2016: who gave new dimension to world of cinema

The Richest Directors behind successful movies, who gave new dimension to world of cinema: There are many such people in the world who dream of becoming successful as well as professional directors of the film industry of the present era. Even many actors and actress now-a-day have come down to prove them a star director in the industry. There are also scope of making handsome amount of money by taking up acting as a profession, but there are also actress and actors who are actually very rich in their real life but have come down to producing and directing a film. It is at this point where people express the desire to know who the richest actor in the world is.

List of top Richest Directors of world in 2016

In the present times due to pressure of work, entertainments have become very important to enjoy the free hours. People go out for a movie show to release the hangover of work from their minds. So, behind the heart-warming films there are some great minds who have presented the things as a power booster. Here is a list of top 10 Richest Directors in the world in 2016 that have become Richie Rich in the present era and is carrying out a good job continuously.

Top 10 Richest Directors List in the World in 2016

The list is as follows:-

1. TYLER PERRY: – He is an American actor and director and is the top richest director of the film industry. The movie single Moms club and the Gone Girl is a classic creation of the present time.

2. PETER JACKSON: – this handsome looking Director is with the turnover of $140 Billion. He is not only the director, writer but also a dashing cinematographer. Therefore he is no doubt a multi talented person and his directed film The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy and King Kong.

3. WACHOWSKI BROTHERS: Bound and Matrix are the two super-hit movies of the time. They have always got successful and fame due to their joint effort regarding the work they do.

4. MICHAEL BAY: he is the one who directed the movie Pearl Harbor and the Transformer series too. The high quality special effects have won praise for him.

5. GORE VRBINSKI: He is a famous director, producer and a sound musician as well. The net worth of the turnover is $110 Billion and he is an Academic Award winner of the movie Rango and the ever classic pirates of the Caribbean, Saga and the Ring.

6. RONALD EMMERICH: With a superb turnover of $10 Billion, Director Ronald is ranking among the best director as well as eminent producer of the film industry. The Hollywood directed movies by him have gained him to a gross amount of around $1 billion on one rotation only. He is a German Director and Producer of the film industry. He was also very much successful with the movies of White House Down and the movie, The day After Tomorrow.

7. RIDLEY SCOTT: RIDLEY SCOTT is the most famous director and possesses a highly determined visual style. The films Gladiator and the Prometheus has proved to be the best movies of his directing career. Therefore he is nominated for the two Golden and two Academic awards getting more success in the long run.

8. JAMES CAMERON: This Director is well known for his talented movie script as well as received a continuous success therefore is among the richest directors in the world. The films: The Terminator and The Titanic were the super duper hit movies by him. The net worth of the turnover is $7.5 Billion and was nominated for awards for a longer time. He has won 6 Academic awards till now. He is too talented and therefore his name is widely famous in the world.

9. STEVE SPIELBERG: He is a famous American Film Director and also a popular Business tycoon. He is said to be one of the co-founders of Dream works Studios. The movies Jaws as well as the super hit Jurassic Park have gained a world wide praise after their immediate release. He holds a turnover of $6 Billion almost which is really amazing.

10. GEORGE LUCAS: This cute looking director is said to be ranking among the richest and sophisticated directors of the film world. He is not only a successful director but also a very good writer and professional producer too. He has also bagged a lot of success while working with the movies Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He has a turn over $5 Billion every 6 months and even less than that.

The above list is of the Top Richest Directors of the world and they contribute a lot to the world’s entertainment. In other way out we can say that they gave new dimension to the world of Cinema with their great work.