Top 10 Richest Korean Stars 2016, Actor,Actress and K-Pop Idols

Who are the Top 10 Richest Korean Stars 2016, Actor,Actress and K-Pop Idols ,Popular music is a universal dialect. Most American pop stars see universal achievement and visit the world over. What the vast majority don’t know is that past American pop, there are other pop classes that are pretty much as adored. K-pop, or Korean pop has long been an immense industry in Asia and its stars are adored by a great many fans. The vast majority in North America knew almost no about K-pop until breakout star Psy’s mammoth hit single “Gangnam Style” crossed the sea to elegance our wireless transmissions.

What a great many people don’t know is that K-pop is a flourishing industry and specialists accomplish a practically god like status in Korea. Their recordings get a huge number of hits on Youtube, their fans are crazed with worship and Koreans all in all, pride themselves on their social fares. Korean stars are not just rich in steadfast fans, distinction and achievement, additionally out and out rich. Despite the fact that K-pop stars can’t be contrasted with American famous people, on the grounds that they make just a small amount of what their American partners make, these rich celebs are not carrying on with the starving craftsman life, but rather living expansive and luxurious. This list diagrams the richest and best K-pop stars and/or bunches.

List of top 10 richest Korean Stars 2016

1. Park Jae-Sang

Park Jae-Sang, or as the world’s majority knows him-Psy took the world by tempest with his breakout hit, “Gangnam Style” which accumulated more than 1 billion hits on Youtube. The hold back to his tune “oppan Gangnam Style” has been gone into the Yale Book of Quotations, as a standout amongst the frequently rehashed and mainstream citations of 2012. He immediately took after with his second hit single, “Courteous fellow” which came to more than 600 million hits on Youtube. Psy is a handyman and has numerous tasks on the go. He is an actor, artist, songwriter, dancer and comedian. While some surmise that he was an overnight achievement, Psy has been discharging records subsequent to 2001. Psy profits from music downloads, sovereignties and Youtube advertisement incomes, and also TV appearances. Psy likes to live huge and is accounted for to have acquired an extravagance apartment suite in one of Los Angeles’ most select neighborhoods, worth $1.249 million dollars for which he paid in real money.

Top 10 Richest Korean Stars 2016, Actor,Actress and K-Pop Idols

2. Kwon Ji-Yong

Kwon Ji Yong or, G-Dragon is an individual from the ultra-well known k-pop kid band, “Huge explosion”. G-Dragon has been in the Korean music industry since the youthful age of 8. He was initially marked with Korean record name SM, yet chose to move to YG, which assisted him with dispatching his vocation with Big Bang. He has subsequent to dispatched his performance profession and as of late recorded a track with youngster heartthrob, Justin Bieber. His presentation solo collection, “Disaster” discharged in 2009 and sold more than 200 000 duplicates which earned him a Mnet Asian Music Award for collection of the year. He additionally has various side tasks from displaying, style planning and tune composing. G-Dragon’s monstrous notoriety and his remarkable design sense have earned him the title of Style Icon and Most Influential Man in 2008 by Arena Magazine. CNN included him on their “50 Reasons why Seoul is the world’s most noteworthy city” list. He has an extravagance auto accumulation, one of which is a Lamborghini Aventador, which is one of just 100 in South Korea. Also, it is reputed that he has a full room committed to his shoe gathering in his Seoul condo.

3. Choi SiWon

Choi Siwon, an individual from the 13 part kid band, Super Junior is known similar to the richest fellow in the gathering. He is one of the initial four Korean music specialists to show up on a Chinese postage stamp. Likewise, he is the first Korean VIP to surpass 3 million adherents on Twitter. Siwon, as most Korean famous people, has various undertakings on the go and acts as a model, vocalist and actor. He is understood crosswise over Asia for his ads shot in nations, for example, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. Siwan’s family is likewise known for their colossal riches. They claim the Hyundai Department Store chain, which earned $US 542,000,000 a year ago. His dad was additionally the CEO of Boryung Medience.

4. Kwon Boa

Kwon Boa, or all the more usually known by her stage name BoA is a performance pop singer, and an actress. BoA has had hit discharges in Korea, Japan and America. Found by SM Entertainment, she discharged her first single in 2000 at 13 years old. She was one of the first Korean pop stars to get through to the Japanese market, after boundaries confining the import and fare of excitement were casual. She has sold more than 10 million records in her vocation. BoA claims a 2 million dollar building in Cheongdam-dong, a first class and well off neighborhood in Seoul. She is known not rich blessings from extravagance planners, similar to a $2, 500 handbag from Versace.

5. Im Yoona

Im Yoona is an individual from the young ladies bunch “Young ladies Generation” or SNSD and is broadly perceived as the general population face and/or focus figure of the gathering. It has been recognized by her band mates that she profits in the gathering. She is an artist, actress, model and rapper. Yoona was with SM Entertainment for a long time before she was marked to Girls Generation, yet she was understood in the stimulation business in light of the various plugs that she featured in. Starting 2012, Yoona had been the individual star of 20 promotions. Yoona additionally stars in Love Rain which is a day by day Korean dramatization network show.

6. JYJ

The Members of JYJ are tied for the 6th spot. The individuals from the gathering are Park, Yoo-Chun Kim, Jae-Joong and Kim Jun-su. The gentlemen live in estates in one of Seoul’s ritziest neighborhoods. Jae-Joong just refurbished his Seoul flat in the luxurious style of a New York Loft. Yoo-Chun bought a house that is worth 2,760,000 USD in Seoul. Kim Junsu contributed more than 12 million to manufacture a resort on Jeju island, Korea’s response to Hawaii. The Jeju Toscana Hotel is controlled by Junsu’s dad and was supposedly made to make Jeju a mecca for recording craftsmen.

7. Goo Hara

Goo Hara is an individual from the young lady bunch Kara. She is an artist, model, actress and dancer. Hara joined the gathering in 2008 after one of its individuals left; she was found as a result of her photographs as a model for an internet shopping system. She is the new model for Estee Lauder beautifying agents in Korea. She claims a house worth 1.4 million US in one of the richest ranges of Seoul called Cheongdam – dong.

8. Park Jeong-Su

Park Jeong Su or all the more usually known by his stage name, Leeteuk is the pioneer of Super Junior. He is Super Junior’s second craftsman to effortlessness this list which demonstrates that k-pop kid groups command the diagrams. He is a vocalist songwriter, actor and TV host. He was grabbed in the wake of trying out for SM Entertainments, “Starlight Casting System” and has been in a couple groups before coming to real fame with Super Junior. Super Junior is known for delivering uber hits that have their fans going wild. Their 6th collection “Hot, Free and Single” is no special case with 570,000 duplicates sold. The gathering was perceived for their industry achievement and they won Best Artist Group Award at the nineteenth Korean Entertainment Arts Awards.

9. Choi Seung-Hyun

Choi Seung-Hyun, otherwise called Top, is Big Bang’s second part on this list, which demonstrates that in K-pop, Big Bang is one of industry pioneers. Huge explosion has various number-one hit singles in Korea and abroad and is a standout amongst the most popular gatherings in K-pop. Their collection deals came to more than 600,000 collection duplicates in 2012. They won Album of the Year at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards in acknowledgment for their industry achievement.

10.Lee Ji-Eun

Lee Ji-Eun, known by her stage name IU, is a vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, TV presenter, actress and dancer. She is known as the country’s most loved young lady artist and her most recent single, “Each End of the Day” bounced to number one on the graphs. In 2009, she saw business accomplishment with her lead single “Boo” going to number 1 on the outlines in only three short weeks. She has various underwriting arrangements, for example, Mexicana Chicken, Mychews, Samsung Anycall, SK Telecom, Namyang Dairy, S-Oil, Home Plus, Y’SB, Le Coq Sportif, and Elite school regalia. Her supports alone acquire significant income for her.

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