Top 10 Richest Male DJs in the World in 2016: who owns great amount of money through their amazing skills and voice:

Male DJs who owns great amount of money through their amazing skills and voice: The profession of DJs has been amazingly popular throughout the world. It is seen as a great career scope by different individuals as it has fame and money both. The DJs become the voice of the radio station for which they work and are loved by their fans. They start getting attention from different people and also become a loved celebrity for many of them. Their impressive skills and amazing voice helps them to rise to success.

List of richest male DJs 2016 ruling the world

The voice of these DJs is one of the most important factors that decide their success graphs and it also helps them to stand apart from their rivals. Other factor that takes the prominence in the sector is their high pay that they receive for each show that they do.

Top 10 Richest Male DJs in the World in 2016

Below is the list of 10 best male DJs of the world in 2016 who are also richest than others.

1. Deadmau5 – He is a well known and well versed performance and dancer. He is also a very talented and loved DJ. He has amazing skills and wonderful energy with which he fill the atmosphere and has also received positive reviews for the same. He doesn’t come up with many shows but he loves to maintain a quality of each of his show. His excellence and quality performance has helped him bag a total of $40 million through which he tops the list of Top 10 Richest Male DJs in the World in 2016.

2. Arming Van Burren – He is a well known DJ with a wonderful personality and great and impressive skills. He also possesses a sweet and quiet voice which is loved by many people. He has made a total of $37million. He has also done several national and international radio programs that have helped him to become even more popular.

3. Ateve Aoki – This one of the Richest Male DJs possesses a very cool and loving attitude and personality. He has long and black hair which is a wonderful feature and a unique characteristic of Aoki. His fans love him because of his distinctive personality and highly impressive voice. This has helped him to make a total of $35million.

4. Avicci – He is one of the most popular DJs of the world. He makes a total of $32 million by doing different shows of radio stations at national and international level. He has great and highly efficient voice which impresses his fans.

5. Calvin Harris – He is one of the most Richest Male DJs who owns a total of $30 million. He does a number of shows as a DJ and is also known for having a highly impressive and great personality. His fans loved him for his cooperative, engaging and friendly nature.

6. Paul D – He is a young, handsome and cool DJ with wonderful voice. His amazing voice helps him to keep his listeners’ attention hooked to it. He is a truly energetic person and he also has an urge to be experimental with his shows. He earns a total of $28million.

7. Skrillex – This amazing DJ is known for his extraordinary voice and wonderful skills. He is a handsome dude and earns good amount from every radio program that he does. He has made a total of $27 million and is thus among one of the Richest Male DJs.

8. Tiesto – This energetic and highly entertaining DJ is known for his liveliness. He is one of the most famous DJs who have won several hearts through his amazing voice. He does shows in America, France and in different parts of Europe and has own a total of $25million.

9. David Guetta – He is definitely among one of the most Richest Male DJs who has made a total of $22 million. He is extremely talented and possesses highly impressive vocal ability. He does shows in different parts of the world and is also one of the busiest individual of the world.

10. Kaskade – To make an estimate, this DJ has made a total of $20 million. This 43year old DJ is among the Richest Male DJs and has been a reliable name in different radio stations of America.

These richest DJs have god gifted skills and amazingly charming voice through which they make their listeners hooked to their stations. This talented Dj’s are also recognized at the national and international level. They know how to please the audience with their exceptional skills