Top 10 Richest Rappers in the World of 2016

2. Diddy – Net Worth: $700 million- This rapper has made a great name for himself at the national as well as international level because of his amazing talent and wonderful singing abilities. He has been adorned with great talent through which he is making huge earning and has been at the number two position of the Richest Rappers of the globe in 2016.

Sean Diddy highest paid rappers 2016

3. Jay-Z – Net Worth: $550 million- People throughout the world are known for their wonderful and distinctive taste for music and melody, this rapper is known for catering to meet their demands. He works really hard to deliver his listeners what they want in the most amazing and exclusive way.

Jay Z Most popular rappers 2016

4. Master P – Net Worth: $350 million- With a total earning of $350 million this rapper is one of the leading names of the Richest Rappers. He is not only famous for his rapping abilities but his style is also a hit among his fans. He has been able to leave a great impact on their minds.

Master P most successful rappers 2016