Who Are The Top 10 Richest YouTube Stars 2016 : The YouTube world made many stars popular and rich in industry- Take a look at the top 10 Richest YouTube Stars of the year

Who Are The Top 10 Richest YouTube Stars 2016? YouTube is one the topmost video viewing websites. Almost all kinds of videos can be found easily in several YouTube channels. As a matter of fact, this website has become a source of income too. Many You Tubers have been making plenty of money just by uploading their videos on various topics that tend to interest the viewers in different parts of the world. This is emerging as a new trend that can also be seen as a unique platform on the internet for gaining popularity and fame in an easy way.

Who Are The Top 10 Richest YouTube Stars 2016, top 10 list 2016

We along with our research experts prepared the list of all those people who became rich star using YouTube as the platform and deserve the top 10 position.

Presenting the list of Richest YouTube Stars in 2016 – The Top 10

Several YouTube stars are followed because of their interesting videos that they keep uploading and sharing. It is nice to acquire knowledge and exchange information with the help of videos, and that is one reason so many people prefer watching these videos. It is quite interesting to see the high number of likes that these videos receive.

Here is a list of the top ten richest YouTube stars of 2016 that are known by many all around the world.

These stars and their videos have succeeded in gaining quite a good fan following-

1. Toby Games – This YouTube star has probably been successful in making several countless dollars. His uploads on the site are mostly animations and funny games that carry a humour element. He has more than one channel which he regularly maintains.

2. PewDiePie – The name itself has an element of fun that tends to be quite catchy. Perhaps that could be a reason so many people get attracted to watch his videos. The amount of money that this star has been able to earn is so remarkable that now, he has started to contribute to charities as well.

3. Jenna Marbles – The way this YouTube star utilises her sense of keen observation is amusing. All her videos are a comment on the day to day happenings and general situations that are faced by almost everybody at some time or the other.

4. DisneyCollectorBR – This is the name of the YouTube channel that is maintained by an unknown person. The mystery of the star’s real name adds on to the curiosity of the viewers and their interest levels also tend to rise.

5. Dane Boedigheimer – He is the man behind an irritating channel called “Real Annoying Orange”. The videos are liked by many, even though, their content tends to be immensely annoying in several ways.

6. Smosh – This is the name that is chosen together by a funny duo that keeps uploading comedy scenes in which they act or speak.

7. BluCollection – This YouTube star dedicates his videos to children. It is mostly about toys and the man’s voice, and hands are the only human things that can be seen and heard.

8. Lewis and Simon – They are a YouTube star duo who has gained a massive popularity because of their comic gaming movies that they create, upload and share in the online world and popularise the same offline.

9. Nova – His net worth is speculated to be millions of dollars. The videos are of virtual games along with a humorous background commentary, animations and other colourful elements.

10. Ray Johnson – He is one man whose videos have a record of going viral instantly. There is something about his style that truly makes him a star, and that is the reason the videos also have been reported to be earning more profits than any average TV programme.

These richest YouTube stars of 2016 have earned a huge popularity as they were able to make use of a unique idea. These videos are truly entertaining and tend to act as very good stress busters as well. In coming time we will keep on updating the list with new entries in the top 10 positions to help our readers stay updated with latest information.