Top Terrible Peoples : celebrities who are in certainty terrible person at heart

Celebrities perform terrible deeds for their fun and enjoyment – Knowing the popular terrible people : There is large number of people in the world who behaves to be extremely good and wonderful but at their heart they are terrible people. These are not only laymen but some celebrities are also there who seems to be too good but are awful inside. Celebrities are very popular people who holds great image among the minds of their fans and followers.

List of celebrities who are terrible

The celebrities hold great reputation among the minds of the people. They are celebrated individuals who have great capacity to influence common individuals. They are highly respected and are also known for their influential status and well maintained behavior and public life. There are certain individuals who are known for great public image but also have an awful side attached with them.

Top Terrible Peoples celebrities 2016
Here is the record of top 10 celebrities in 2016 who are in certainty terrible person at heart.

1. Bono- He is an Irish singer and song writer as well as musician who are known for sporting a unique sunglasses everywhere he visits. He has this annoying habit of wearing this signature sunglasses everywhere all the time. Although it suits him at times, but in general it does not go well with his dress.

2. Lady Diana- This beautiful and gorgeous lady has amazing and killer look. She is responsible for AID’s epidemic. At one of her many charity events and trips to Africa this lady brought the first AID’s monkey to Europe and this is why she is being held responsible for the epidemic of AID’s and that is why she has managed to garner the leading positions among the Top 10 Celebrities Who are Actually Terrible People in 2016.

3. Frankie Muniz- This cute looking boy wants to keep working in the entertainment industry as an actor. He is one person who with his decision of continuing as an actor has made the audience feel horrible.

4. Betty White- Benny White is known for buying terminally ill puppies but she doesn’t treat them or take care of them. In fact she gifts them to orphaned children without informing them that they have only a few weeks in hand to play with their new friend.

5. Seth Rogen- He is known for being the Funny man of Hollywood. But as per reports he burnt down the summer house of Steven Spielberg as he was denies a pack of premium raisins by the award- winning director. This act reveals his true self behind the funny mask.

6. Nelson Mandela- Though he is known as a great icon of human rights throughout the world but he was not so kind for the animals. He is known for his hatred for birds because an ostrich ate his best friends. He used to consider all the species of birds equally responsible for the death of his friends and thinks them of evil creatures. He used to trap the pigeons and would kill them with his hands. It is because of this that he has secured leading position among the Top 10 Celebrities who are actually terrible People.

7. Ellen Degeneres- She is a beloved comedian. She is loved by all and is known for raising his voice against gay marriage for men. Her belief is that only lesbians should have the right to marry their partner and that male homosexuality should be abandoned.

8. Beyonce- This well known pop singer and icon has made a mark for herself through her talent and great skills. She is known for taking other two members of her old group, Destiny’s Child to Quizno’s. She tells them that they did be working there if they had not met her.

9. Wolf Blitzer- This CNN anchor is widely known for his charismatic personality and great appearance and appeal. He is known for kidnapping stray dogs and for throwing them in the river. He does this just to watch them float away in the river.

10. Pope Francis- Pope Francis has a secret habit of stealing young children and dressing them as little popes for his fun and entertainment. This nature of Pope Francis made him a member of the top 10 terrible people of the world.

All these unique habits make these people extremely popular because of the awfulness or cruelty that is attached with their character. These celebrities enjoys the habits but are highly criticized by others for performing the same. They proved themselves as popular terrible people of the world.