Top 10 Things the Celebrities Love to Do in Spare Time : How celebrities enjoy life in spare time of their busy professional life- Check it out

Top 10 Things the Celebrities Love to Do in Spare Time: Every person in the world does something to spend their leisure time in a better way. But have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrities spend their spare time? There are various important activities that the celebrities opt for in order to spend the spare time in an effective way.

Top 10 Things the Celebrities Love to Do in Spare Time

What celebrities love to do in spare time is a major point of interest for the fans

You will surely be amazed after going through the activities that your favourite celebrities do during their leisure time. These activities have also made them popular among the people in different parts of the world.

The top 10 things that the celebrities love to do during the spare time are-

1. Love towards Art: Some of the popular celebrities have love towards art. They like to spend their leisure time by drawing. For instance, Katherine Heigl who has a passion towards art believes that drawing helps to provide some relaxation from the day to day activities.

2. Outdoor activities: This is also one of the activities loved by many popular celebrities. Tiger Woods, an American professional golfer loves to travel in different parts of the world. He is also crazy towards spear fishing and diving. Justine Henin, a professional tennis player, loves spending the spare time with some of the outdoor activities like sky diving.

3. Devote spare time in running NGOs and Charities: Some of the well-known Hollywood celebrities love to help the poor people by donating money during their spare time. Brad Pitt, one of the renowned Hollywood actors, has a dedication towards running charitable trusts and NGOs. He is a part of more than 39 charitable trusts like Doctors without Borders, Global Action for Children, Daniel Pearl Foundation, etc. Pamela Anderson, a well-known actress and model, is also an active member of PETA.

4. Have an exercise during spare time: Exercise is also a popular spare time activity among the various renowned celebrities. Some of the well- known celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Heigl and Reese Witherspoon opt for yoga during their spare time. According to them, yoga keeps the mind and body fit.

5. Love Volunteering: This is also a popular activity liked by renowned Hollywood actor, Robin Williams. He participated in some of the activities like Charity telethon for victims of 9/11, A Tribute to Heroes.

6. Passion towards kick boxing: Some of the popular celebrities like Carmen Electra and Katherine Heigl love practicing kickboxing during their spare time. Stephen King, a well-known fiction writer, has a passion towards kickboxing and also loves to have a walk during the early morning.

7. Love collecting unique stuffs: Surprisingly, this is also one of the popular activities among various well-known celebrities. For instance, Angelina Jolie loves collecting daggers whereas Brad Pitt has a passion towards collecting metal art. Jerry Seinfeld, a popular American comedian, writer and actor has a passion for collection of Porches.

8. Love surfing popular social networking sites: Many popular celebrities love surfing various popular social networking sites. Some of the social networking sites that are liked by the celebrities are Twitter and Facebook. Some celebrities even spend their spare time by going on a long drive or playing different types of games.

9. Passion towards sports: Many popular celebrities opt for playing different types of games during their leisure time. For instance, Celine Dion, one of the popular Canadian singer, actress and songwriter has a passion towards golf. Her likeness towards this sport has urged her to become an owner of a golf course.

10. Love to indulge in physical activities: There are many popular celebrities who have a passion towards outdoor physical activities. For instance, Kobe Bryant, a popular American professional basket ball player also has a passion towards playing soccer.

These are the top 10 activities that the celebrities do when they have some leisure time. They love to indulge themselves in these activities. We are sure the activities which most celebrities love to do in spare time will keep on changing from time to time. We promise that we will keep on updating this list with more and more new information’s. Stay tuned with us.