Top 10 Weirdest Previous Jobs of Celebrities : Knowing the celebrities who had a weird past job before becoming a celebrity

Top 10 Weirdest Previous Jobs of Celebrities: It is said that the previous jobs of celebrities are very much contrasting from their present occupations. Due to great pain these celebrates can camouflage their experience, but we fail to understand as to why they do this. We can understand that before becoming popular they were ordinary people and had to earn hard for a living as all people do. However, it can be understood that with whatever occupation many of the celebrities were doing is really unexpected, so we decided to pick the top 10 for our readers. There are many such celebrities who spend a tough time before becoming a celebrity and to earn their leaving they choose to do some job which stands out to be quite weird in comparison to their popularity after becoming a celebrity.

Top 10 Weirdest Previous Jobs of Celebrities

A look at the list of top 10 celebrities in 2015-2016 whose earlier jobs was weird for their fans to know

Celebrities are considered to be people who act in television, theatre and even in the movies. These celebrities are also seen across the globe in their starring role and at whatever part they’ve been cast as. They’re famous for the simple reason that they have achieved something great. However, this feat doesn’t make them rise to fame for the rest of their lives. There are many celebrities who continue working into their old age. There are many people who should be revered and followed by others all over the world, as they’re continuing to make a difference in the world.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Weirdest Previous Jobs of Celebrities

1. Rod Stewart: Before charming the gathering with his British accent, Stewart at the Highgate Cemetery worked as a gravedigger during his teens.

2. Brad Pitt: He advertised the fast-food chain of El Pollo Loco by working as a chicken mascot. This is unbelievable, but it is true. He wore a chicken suit every morning so that nobody would know that it was him. However, only some of the people know about it, including you as all of this was a part and parcel of his life.

3. Whoopie Goldberg: She was a fifty-six-year-old actress and comedian. She took up a job as a mortuary beautician after becoming a licensed beautician.

4. Sylvester Stallone: It cannot be certain as to who was worse Stallone or Walken. Before his acting career took off, Stallone cleaned up lion cages at the Central Park Zoo.

5. Christopher Walken: When he was only fifteen, Walken became part of a traveling circus and him also briefly worked as a lion tamer.

6. Orlando Bloom: At the age of 13 this celebrity’s first job at a pigeon shooting range was that of a clay trapper, and he loaded and aimed clay discs used as targets for shooters.

7. Hugh Jackman: He worked as a party clown and because of his comedian nature and acting skills he became a perfect celebrity. Prior to becoming a celebrity he worked as a party clown and earned as much as $50 per show.

8. Gene Simmons: We cannot imagine the fact that that a great Kiss singer was teaching small kids.

9. Warren Beatty: Unbelievable but true, Beatty was a rodent catcher prior to becoming a celebrity.

10. Patrick Dempse: Prior to becoming a celebrity he was a professional juggler and juggled for his bread and butter which he started at the age of 15. He was competing in the International Jugglers’ Association and received a prize as well.

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