Top 10 Worst WWE Stars Ever : The odd one outs in the world of WWE wrestlers

Top 10 worst WWE stars ever: World Wrestling Entertainment, the name is big and so as the effects of it on the people. Peoples of different ages and different cultures love this. The stage, the lights each and everything is so eye catchy. The demand of the superstars of WWE is not an untold story. Among those stars, some of them are not so much successful, and their wrestling skills are also not that good. Here is a list of WWE’s worst superstars-

List of Top 10 Worst WWE Stars Ever

Presenting the list of Top 10 worst WWE Stars 2016 –

The wrestlers in the list lack the skill of fighting. Ups and downs are the part of a professional career, but these fighters have only faced the downside of their career.

If you are interested to know the odd names of the world of Worst WWE Stars then here is the list for you.

1. Santino Marella- Santino is loved by all for the stupid things he does but when it comes to performing then there is no sign of excellence. By his cute looks and fun-loving character he may have won the hearts of the people but he must focus on his wrestling skills otherwise his career may come to the end.

2. The Red Rooster- At the beginning of his career Terry Taylor was introduced by this name. The name got him no fame. The chicken was fried by The Brain and The Brooklyn Brawler. Those are some matches which should be remembered by all.

3. The Great Khali- When he debuted in WWE he knocked The Undertaker out with just a single chop. Though for few months he dominated everyone but things changed after that. He is a gigantism patient and that makes his upper part strong, but his legs are the weakest part of his body. When this secret came in front of everyone, his luck turned totally.

4. Heath Slater- Heath Miller commonly known as Heath Slater is the former member of Nexus. Only then he was three times WWE tag team champion after that there are no other achievements. He also formed a group of three members and named it 3MB. He learned wrestling from the WWA4 wrestling school but depending on his performance it is clear as water that his skills should be improved.

5. Funaki- Funaki is among those stars who started well, but the career is not that impressive. He is a Japanese American wrestler who became WWE cruiserweight champion but now working in WWE’s developmental department.

6. Yoshi Tatsu- Naofumi Yamamoto one of the Japanese professional wrestlers who started his career in the New Japan Pro Wrestling. After that he joined WWE under the ring name Yoshi Tatsu. His WWE career was no that much successful. He released from WWE in this June 2014 and returned to NJPW. Hope he gets success there.

7. Zack Ryder- Zack’s original name is Matthew Brett Cardona. Zack is famous in the internet sector, but he is not that much good when it comes to fighting. Though he managed to win the Tag team championship with Curt Hawkins, his overall progression is very less.

8. Alex Riley- This guy was born in Virginia and trained by Florida Championship Wrestling Academy.Alex is the former secretary of The Miz. That time he was only famous for his stupid activities, but nobody ever heard his name for a good fight. He also participated in the NXT.

9. Vladimir Kozlov- This person is a Russian wrestler. He also knows kickboxing, rugby, judo, etc. Kozlov debuted in 2006, and his career came to an end in 2011. He teamed up with another wrestler who needs a good training, Santino Marella, which was one of the worst incidents in his life.

10. The Miz- Miz is one of the newest figures in Hollywood, but his WWE track record is not so much up to the mark. He is recently seen with his ‘stunt double’ Damien Sandow, which was not at all a good one. Though he was a champion but his ring performance was never beyond the mark.

These are the superstars who are not so much successful in their professional wrestling career. Some of them are loved by many peoples but originally their wrestling skills do not mature them.