Top Hollywood Actress : beauties with amazing hot lips adds to their charm

Who are the top 10 Hollywood actress with hot lips till 2016: Hollywood actresses are widely known for their excellence, perfection and their high level of performance. Another important aspect that grabs the attention of the audience towards these actresses is their beauty. Each part of their body is appealing and extremely gorgeous which enhances their attractiveness. These actresses dominate the world of fashion, style and charm and are known for their highly impressive personalities with which lead the Hollywood film industry.

List of leading Hollywood actress who possesses hot and attractive lips

Different actresses in Hollywood are known for their distinctive personalities, some are experienced in acting while others have charming and hot looks that adds to their appeal. But when talking about beauty one thing that instantly develops in our mind is LIPS. These divas are adorned with beautiful lip which makes their look complete and instantly adds a charisma to their personality. This part of their body gets huge attention from the viewers because of its charm and beauty and of course because of the color used on it.

top hollywood actress hot lips selena gomez 2016

Here is a list of top ten actresses 2016 who have the prettiest and hottest pair of lips in Hollywood. They are mentioned as popular Hollywood actresses with hottest lips. These actresses know exactly how to make their lips adorable by using the perfect color of lipstick which makes them even more attractive.

1. Selena Gomez- Leading the list of most amazing and Hottest lips in Hollywood, the exquisite Selena has defined her choice and confidence of using different shades of lipstick in the most perfect way. She has stunning lips which are perfectly balanced and contributes in enhancing her charm. She knows well the art of presenting her god gifted beauty.

2. Monica Bellucci- The hot personality of Monica is matched perfectly with her attractive hot lips which are healthy and well maintained. Her lips have the ability to give a sensational feeling to men who dream of kissing her. She is the one for whom men can die for.

3. Liv Tyler- Her lips matches perfectly with her face and are very natural. She has a full lower lip and a wonderfully shaped upper lip which makes it perfect and hot at the same time. Her lips are very appealing to create sensation in men.

4. Rihanna- Mentioning about perfect lips then we definitely cannot miss out Rihanna. This Barbados born hot lady has lips that you would love to go crazy for. With her adorable feature she has managed to hold an efficient position in the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses with Hottest Lips in 2016. She is known for using lipsticks of dark shade as she likes to bring forth attraction to her face and lips.

5. Jessica Alba- This cute looking and wonderfully beautiful girl is perfect in her looks, acting skills and hot and hot figure. Her hot lips are what have helped this American Mexican to make people be fanatical for her.

6. Christiana Hendricks- Being one of the best Hollywood actresses of the modern era, Christiana is the brand ambassador for different lipsticks. It is definitely because she owns an adorable pair of hot lips which can flaunt any color and shade flawlessly. The actress claims to have a collection of lipsticks which assures that her lips are always appealing and attractive.

7. Megan Fox- Needless to tell you who this beauty is. This talented Hollywood actress has talent and great looks attached with her. She has hot lips which makes her look even more impressive and vibrant. Her beauty will impress any men of any age.

8. Eva Mendes- This Hollywood actress needs no introduction. She is among the most amazing looking dusky skin celebrities who have owns millions of hearts. She has been seen in many movies kissing her co-stars with her hot and juicy lips and making the environment seductive. She has amazing lips with a great appeal attached to it. Her actors will definitely agree with us. And this is why she is among the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses with Hottest Lips in 2016.

9. Scarlett Johansson- Beauty with brain and talent, Scarlett has eye-grabbing lips. Her smile fills the environment with a positive vibe and makes her stand among the good looking beauties of the world. Her attractive and bold lips are what make her facial feature complete and adorable.

10. Drew Barrymore- Her lips are worth noticing. These Hollywood actress posses charming lips which she takes great care of. She is known for using dark shades of lipsticks to add appeal to her personality.

Maintaining adorable and highly hot lips is definitely not an easy task. Knowing what suits their face and lips perfectly, these top 10 Hollywood actresses with hot lips in 2016 sure raises the temperature with their own style and choice.