Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2016 Review

Most subscribed YouTube channels reflects the changing ideas and tastes of people. YouTube is one of the most amazing platform where individuals are allowed to share or upload their videos which they feel will be interesting for others as well. There are different kinds of videos that are uploaded everyday and many of them are known to be a big hit because of its content and the way it has been produced. With internet being accessible to almost everyone throughout the world, this platform is being used more and more by the people.

List of most subscribed YouTube channels hitting the list of popularity

There are different channels on YouTube which are gaining great popularity because of the exclusive content carried by the videos uploaded there or because of the person attached with the channel. Whatever be the reason, these channels are highly entertaining and equally loved by people throughout the world which is the reason behind the large number of subscribers that it has. The YouTube channels are also a unique way for individuals to share their ideas in the form of videos.

Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels in 2016 Review

Here is the list of 10 best YouTube channels which were subscribed the most by viewers sitting in different corners of the world.

1. PewDiePie- This is the You Tube channel of the Swedish comedian which tops the Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels in 2016 Review. In the videos that are shared or uploaded on You Tube one can find this comedian playing video games while his facial reactions and commentary are being recorded through webcam and audio. This channel has about 2,243,754 subscribers throughout the world. This figure gives an impressive look about the popularity.

2. YouTube Spotlight- This is the own channel of the YouTube and is also one of the most popular channels among the viewers. This channel is known for categorizing the most popular and trendy videos and summing up on an everyday basis. Thus the YouTube Spotlight has been among the most subscribed YouTube channels.

3. VanossGaming- This is a channel of a very popular gamer on YouTube whose real name is not known to anybody. He uploads game play videos with his own commentary, in comic sense, attached with it. There was a time when this channel was leading the list but now its subscription level has dropped.

4. HolaSoyGerman- This is a channel of Chilean Alejandro Garmendia, a Spanish individual and a popular YouTuber. His videos are in Spanish and are usually comic videos about the common issues and problems faced by the adults and teenagers. This channel has significantly been among the most subscribed YouTube channels.

5. SkyDoesMinecraft- With approx 790, 142 subscribers throughout the world, this channel is in the leading position of the list, Adam Dahleberg, a well known Minecraft gamer on YouTube is the owner of this channel and has garnered huge popularity and fame.

6. SMOSH- This YouTube channel of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla is among the most subscribed YouTube channels. In this channel a new video is uploaded every Friday and a video showcasing the behind the scene sequences are uploaded every Wednesday. It is very popular among the viewers.

7. Vegetta777- This YouTube channel is subscribed by 614, 740 people throughout the world. Samuel de Luque a Spanish YouTuber is the owner of this channel. He uploads videos related with Battlefield, Saint’s row and other gameplay videos. His videos are quite different from the videos uploaded on other channels because of the way he narrates them to the viewers.

8. Stampylonghead- This is the channel of Joseph Garrett who resides in Britain. He is known for uploading funny gaming let’s play videos which features his friends. With 464, 512 subscribers throughout the globe this channel is among the most subscribed YouTube channels.

9. JennaMarbles- This YouTube channel is of a popular celebrity, Jenna Mourey who is an American blogger, a comedian and an internet personality. She uploads videos on interesting topics which makes her channel garner huge popularity.

10. Dross Rotzank- This is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels with about 361, 851 subscribers. This channel is of David Revilla, a Venezuelan journalist, writer and humorist.

These most subscribed YouTube channels are very popular because of the videos that are uploaded. These channels are continuing to raise the bar of the videos and are thus loved by its subscribers. We are quite sure about the fact that you too are also watching these above mentioned popular YouTube channels for sure.